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    Poor Gas Mileage, getting worse and worse

    I know this has been discussed before but here we go again. 2017 AWD CX-5, GT no tech package. 100k Kms on the odo. My gas mileage has been getting steadily worse and worse. I currently sit at about 10-10.1 L/100kms. Previously I'd get somewhere between 9 and 9.5. Is there some sort of magic...
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    Is the stock catch can/system replaceable on 2017 CX-5?

    Can the existing stock catch can system/setup be replaced/cleaned,/maintained? Now I know some of you might say "Well, just put in the Corksport Catch Can system if you're going to go through all that hassle". Yes, that is a good point, but maybe just replacing the existing system would help...
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    Airbag Light Flashes After Prolonged Exposure to Cold

    Recently with the sub 0 temperatures, when I start up my CX-5, the airbag light flashes even after the vehicle has been running for a few minutes. Once the vehicle has warmed up I simply tried turning off and turning on the vehicle again. This worked and the airbag light went off when it was...
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    Does the 2.5L NA engine benefit from premium fuel?

    Mod edit: Posts from a different thread specific to the 2.5 turbo engine have been moved to this new thread, which is specific to the 2.5 naturally aspirated engine. You may see references to the 2.5 turbo engine - this is just because these posts were copied from the original 2.5 turbo thread...
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    Will Mazda ever make a 6 cylinder for the CX-5?

    I really like my CX-5 but man, a 6 cylinder would really make this thing pop. I did a search here but couldn't find anything on a future 6 cylinder engine.
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    2008 Mazda3 GS - Weird Engine Lights

    279K Kms on the clock. The car is old but runs like a champ. Ok, so this problem only comes up in the winter. Currently my ABS light is on (must have a sensor out). But in the winter, I get the steering wheel light, and the parking brake light, then the check engine light comes on. Sometimes...
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    2017 GT - New Rear Brakes Soon

    So, the rear brakes are making noise and from the looks of the rotors I'm due for new rotors and pads. It's going in this Friday. I'm up in Canada so I had a few questions. What can I expect as a price for the rear brakes? It's going to the dealer so it will be more, but we have pretty good...
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    2017 CX-5 GT - Fuel Mileage

    So I was farting around looking at a few things and I came across this screen again. Looked at it when I first got the truck but never really looked at it again. Can anyone help me interpret it correctly? Pardon the dust. The truck didn't seem this dusty.
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    Wife got T-Boned - Wrote off CX-5

    So, the wife was driving and got t-boned by a guy that blew a stop sign and hit her doing about 60km/hr. Truck is wrote off. It's just a baby too. 31k kms. 2017 CX-5 GT no Tech.
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    2017~2023 I keep getting asked about fuel mileage.

    So, at the dealership where I take my Mazda, I personally know one of the mechanics. I worked with him years ago 1998 and worked with him for 3 years until 2001. Personal friends, so I trust him. Damn good mechanic too. I've literally seen him do magic. To the point, Him and the salesman that...
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    2017 CX5 GT No Tech - Brake Noise

    So, I had a noise coming from my front end. Sounded like brake noise but not sure. When my vehicle was in for an oil change and tire rotation I had them look at the brakes. Low and behold the brakes were making a bit of noise. They needed servicing. It only has 22k kms on the odometer and it...
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    2017~2023 Install Sirius XM into GT non Tech

    Ok, Here's the thing. I'll be going in to get the Apple Car Play/Android auto upgrade in the near future. My question is this. Since they'll have some things ripped apart, how hard would it be to get Sirius radio installed in the factory system? Is it a wiring harness or is it much more...
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    2017~2023 First oil change this Saturday

    So, My 2017 CX-5 is scheduled in for it's first oil change this weekend. Is there anything I should ask to be done that's free? Like updates to computer systems or the infotainment system? Anything to look out for (other than the friggin 90 dollar price tag?) Cheers,
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    2017~2023 Updating maps, etc...

    Question for you all...How does one update the system? Does it download automatically? Is there a website I need to log on to? I don't think I have mazda connect. I have a 2017 GT but without the fancy dancy tech package.
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    2017~2023 Sirius XM on GT without Tech Package

    Hey, New CX-5 owner here. Is there any way to get Sirius on the existing system. I don't really want to have an aftermarket unit in my brand new car. Is there any way to flash the SD card or something?