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    Bluetooth phone w/PTT

    Does anyone know of a way to use Push to Talk (PTT) with the handsfree bluetooth phone feature? My wife has a Nextel phone. I was all proud when I set up her phone for handsfree use, but she says she never uses it, because most of her calls are radio calls using the push to talk walkie-talkie...
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    What fuel grade?

    When we picked up my wife's CX-9, the dealership told us to use 87 fuel. In our owner's manual there was a loose page recommending 91. I couldn't tell if that page even belonged in there. What grade does everyone else use?
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    iPod: What do I need?

    My wife just bought a new '08 CX-9 GT and wants to plug in her iPod. She bought an AUX cable from Radio Shack to connect from the earphone jack on the iPod to the AUX port in her car. This seems pretty un-handsfree to me. I thought there would be a way for her to doc the iPod and have it...
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    Any hacks to play DVDs on nav screen?

    My wife is shopping for a CX-9 and wants to have the ability to play movies on the in-dash nav screen. (She wants to be entertained while I drive her on long trips.) I assume the nav hardware has a DVD reader for the nav data, so the hardware should be there. Has anyone successfully hacked...