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    Ugh Road Debris vs CX5 2016.5

    Not a happy camper as I'm that guy that quick details my car a lot and keeps it pristine. Stormy dark night on the highway last night, some type of heavy debris smack in the middle of the lane. Swerved to avoid it, here's the outcome, not sure of damage underneath yet. A quick look under...
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    My favorite 16' CX5 review

    If you haven't checked out this review, I find it hilarious, informative, and entertaining all the same. I love this guy, it was one of the reasons that I got mine, along with all the other praise it has gotten: <iframe width="560" height="315" src=""...
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    Disabling "exits" panel on 2016 Nav, possible?

    Hi, just wondering if there's a way to disable the "exits" panel that pops up on highway/freeway?
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    16' LED daytime running lights?

    Hey all, a quick question on the LED daytime running lights on the 2016 models. I have the Tech package and I have never noticed the DRL's on ie reflection off anything. The manual states something to the effect of "the DRL's will turn on when the car is in motion, etc". Has anyone seen...
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    Thanks from a new 16' GT owner!

    Hey all, I just wanted to say THANKS from a new CX5 owner, this forum was so helpful when I was researching this amazing car! It's my 1st Mazda and I actually had just bought a certified 13' CRV a month prior but my regret at not trying a CX5 ate me alive (rust/paint, never owning a mazda...