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    2011 NHL Playoff Thread

    Thank you Wild for helping us secure the last playoff spot. Time to knock off the canucks and time to repeat. (evil) Go hawks.
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    Detail meet #2

    I said I wasn't going to host another one but I lie. I enjoy detailing too much, probably going to set it up in a few weeks when it decides to finally warm up, going to make some burgers or order pizzas. I won't discuss charging people this time because I think people thought I was serious...
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    Told I cannot install automatic doors and and remote starts on my 2010 Mazda 3i

    Hey Mods, please put this in the correct area. Thanks. All, (*this is Sanblasters' brother*) I bought a 2010 mazda 3i and it came on the low end with accessories (just auto windows). I took it to a local shop to get automatic locks and a starter installed, and was told they have problems...
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    Tar in trunk?

    Not sure why I have gooey black tar in my trunk. Cleaning the trunk up today, lifted the fabric that covers the trunk and noticed a wet tar spot. Not only that it was seeping through the fabric. And there was little on the opposite side of the trunk as well. Is this common? Not that this is...
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    Active IL 247 Members Thread

    Who is still here? Ton of you guys in my area and I never see any of you guys. 1) sanblaster (santos) 2009 CWP mazda 3 (pretty much stock) grayslake, IL 2) (mike..blaster) (just bought a 2010 mazda 3i sedan Saturday) Going to see if he...
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    Last Minute BBQ Thread July 25 2010

    If some of the round lake, beach bark, lindenhurst, lake villa, waukegan, village of third lake, wildwood, etc. locals, want to swing by by today after noon, i'll be here soaking up some sun, maybe grilling or possibly ordering out. I'll be checking in sporadically, call lord Steve for...
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    sanblaster is engaged! She said yes!

    santos is taken ladies! Ev and I met at a mazda meet 4.5 years ago, the rest is history.
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    Post Pics of your Mazda2 / Demio

    Since many with mazda 2's demios are coming out now. Here is your thread. Post away!
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    Pics of zaths p5 and sans 3

    Steve took some pics because the bears are a pile of s***. Enjoy.
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    My 2nd gen was in tokyo drift.

    Saw the epic racing scene at the end of the movie just now while flipping thru the football game and said s*** that looked like a 2nd gen protege. rofl. Sure enough.
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    Dinner Meet Up Tonight?

    I know, short noticed, figure I'd ask. Bryan and his buddy keyton are swinging by tonight as discussed in previous thread to purchase my old car. We are thinking maybe applebees or chilis or even bww? Anyone interested in joining? Perhaps around 7 or so? All in round lake we could probably...
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    How To KILL Yellow Jackets

    I am helping a buddy of mine in WI kill some yellow jackets and we read stories, and have seen "rules" and such, anoyone have additional suggestions on eliminating them? They reside in a timber wall in the backyard. I am just trying not to get killed. What sprays/poisons should I use or...
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    Production # sticker poll

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    Poker/Bears/Install "Meet"

    Poker/Bears/Install "Meet" 09.13.09 I know some of you guys hate the word meet, but perhaps get together. I have space for 3 cars on the driveway including garage, could set a poker table in the living room or outside somewhere, plenty of friken parking in the subdivision. Let me know what...
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    My brother on the price is right

    Lmao. His show finally aired last night. His name is Michael and he too owns a mazda. He is the first one who goes up, wins some phones. He got 80 cents on the wheel and was beat out by a guy who rolled 85 cents which sucks. Anyways we were lolling like hell last night watching it...
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    sanblaster got OwneD Followed by:
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    Happy 23rd Birthday Anna

    (birthday) Happy Birthday Anna-Chan! (birthday) (five-0)
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    New 09 White Mazda 3 Sedan

    Went to a mazda meet yesterday. Left went to go look at cars with my buddy Steve (lordzath) and my lawyer (mom) came back with this baby: Not a lot of 09's left in my immediate area, 10's are all over the dealership. The gas cap may grow on me although they told me that I can...
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    Important Poll

    I am getting crap from people about this. Waist a vacation day to have sex with your significant other all day or save your vacation day to actually go on vacation??
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    Happy 24th Birthday Evelyn

    Wish you nothing but the best on your special day of birth. I hope we hump today, being that it is your birthday and it is hump day, and I hope people at work and school buy you stuff, and you are the bestest eveR. I am glad you put up with me since I am an internet bully and I push people...