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    Which Phones have you been able to connect to the CX-9 via Bluetooth?

    When you make calls from the phone the bluetooth won't come on until the call is answered on the other end. I have had 4 different phones connected and same thing with all of them incl my iphone.
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    Gas Tank Sloshing?

    Same thing here. As all of you are saying it is only when the tank is full.
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    2008 Sbm Cx9 Gt

    I am pretty sure you can use the voice command to put in the address while in motion. Maybe not as fast as thru the screen option... I think the command is something like "enter address". I find the voice command convenient to find POI's such gas stations, ATMs etc.
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    2008 CX9 NAV routing engine sucks!

    Make sure to set it to fastest route as shortest and alternate might result in a less logical routes. I have no complaints so far with using it in Los Angeles area.
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    Redline, No Leo, TW Tint in Santa Ana, CA
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    Advanced Keyless Entry: beep beep - beep beep - beep beep...

    I get that sound if I try to lock the car before the door or the liftgate is actually closed. Maybe you have a bad door sensor so it can't detect the door is closed... Just a quick thought.
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    Navigation use while vehicle in motion

    Yes the voice reg will work. Push the voice bottom and say gas station and the navi will display gas stations icons.
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    Power Liftgate TROUBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had this issue. When I dropped the car of for it's first service I couldn't close it there at Mazda's lot. They looked at it but couldn't find anything wrong and I haven't experienced any problems since. I think Mazda's service guy reset the PL and no problems since.
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    Bluetooth Issues

    1) Sorry can't help you but take it in to the dealer. 2) Make sure the air vents are not pointing up towards the mic area. This can create the wind tunnel sound. Also if you have the sun roof open but since you have RSES then no sun roof, right?
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    "funny" key card story

    I guess it is convenience over safety.
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    What did you pay for your 08 CX-9

    Tell them that you won't sign unless the waive that doc fee. As for the residual value and money factor, it is set by the Mazda American Credit so not much you can do about.
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    What did you pay for your 08 CX-9

    how many months is your lease and annual mileage? I don't think I paid any doc fee.
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    What did you pay for your 08 CX-9

    I agree with you that there is no financial advantage of leasing but in general buying or leasing a car is not an investment but something you need to have to get around town etc but do your homework first before signing the bill. I also agree with you if you want to keep you car longer than 3...
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    What did you pay for your 08 CX-9

    if you look at the text below in the lease offer it is saying that after three the cost is $19800.00 plus due at signing, taxes and at lease end, lessee will be liable for disposition fee ($350.00). All in something around $24-25000.00 for a three year lease with only 10k and it is definately...
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    What did you pay for your 08 CX-9

    okay let's take 335I - $549 per month for 36 months with 10k and $3600.00 down. Excludes tax, title, license, and registration fees. Monthly payment subjected to taxes. Further At lease end, lessee will be liable for disposition fee ($350.00). If you calculate this the residual value is about...
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    What did you pay for your 08 CX-9

    "IMHO, leasing the CX-9 isn't a great bet right now, the residuals are way too low to make it a good deal. You can lease a loaded BMW 335i or a midrange 530i for the lease prices I've seen on the CX-9" Will never happen in LA area. You are talking about a car that costs 10k more than a loaded CX-9.
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    "funny" key card story

    I thought the car would stall. Our Lexus stall after 30 sec if the key is not in range.
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    CX-9 vs. Saturn Outlook (or others)

    unfortunately comsumers knows more about cars than some sales people.
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    CX-9 vs. Saturn Outlook (or others)

    use the voice command to input an address while driving.