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    215/50 on stock rim (comfy ride)

    Running bigger tires on stocks for winter. The move from 205/50 to 215/50 on the stock wheels is incredible! So smooth. Like a Buick. If you're running stock wheels, do this simple upgrade. The handling won't be as tight but it will be so much more comfrtable to you. I got some cheap Velozza's...
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    Got a deal on a set of Rotiform TMBs

    I got a deal on Rotiforms from $488 for a set, free shipping! Going to have to wait until next year for on car pics. Ill be repowdercoating then selling the RX-8 wheels.
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    Rear passenger power window won't respond to master switch even after reset.

    Ok, I've had a few gremlins since owning my 5 but they've always been intermittent. The latest started a few months ago when the passenger side rear window wouldn't go up with the master switch, but would operate with the the door switch. Now the door switch won't operate the window either. So I...
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    Blew a rear shock!!!

    Well, blew my left rear shock. Mazda wants $414 dollars. Too funny! Not from THIS wallet! Anyway, now I get to put on my Moog rear shock mounts!
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    Anybody else had this happen?

    Apparently something was left on the cowl grill (a metal screw or small socket) and it fell down the gap on the passenger side. The noise is beyond annoying but I'm unable to locate or retrieve it. I've already tried removing part of the cowl to get underneath as well as removing the underside...
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    Suspension noises gone, finally!

    Ok, my 5 has a MS3 rsb w/ prothane bushings, moog endlinks, adjustable rear camber arms, KYBs, and H&R springs. After I installed them, I started hearing the front spring groan and it sounded like the whole front swbar would make a banging noise that went across the front of the car as soon as...
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    Suprised my wife with a new car! Spoiler: it's not a Mazda...

    Surprised the wife Wednesday! After I'd gotten their luggage in and put her new 2014 Sportage EX in the driveway, I asked her to check the mail. I knew she was tired because she'd just returned from visiting family in the Philippines with our two small children, but I was surprised when she put...
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    OEM Mazda 5 roof rack Windnoise kit

    OEM Mazda 5 roof rack Windnoise kit I purchased this item but never installed it due to acquiring a Thule fairing. It is still new in the original box with all decals and instructions included. Has 3 short and one long spoiler. It is an original OEM Mazda Part CG36V384E . It significantly...
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    Has anyone else had issues with climate control?

    Used the remote to start my car near the end of the shift. I got in the car and the heat wasn't on(I always leave it on in the winter). None of the indicators on climate control knobs were lit. No temp on the display, AC inoperable, as well as the rear blower. Drove home and parked it. Remote...
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    New MPV for US?

    Will we ever get Mazda's newest version of the MPV? If they took that vehicle and placed their SKYACTIV 2.2L twin turbo diesel in it, I could definitely see this as my next vehicle.
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    Anyone running H9 bulbs in their fogs?

    Im, thinking a lot about doing this mod as one fog has just blown. It would give me an increase from 55 to 65watts and only requires removing a tab on the rear of the bulb. Not looking for pros or cons (I already have info on that) I just want to know if anyone has done it and if it seemed like...
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    steering wheel no longer straight.

    Got my car at 22k miles. As soon as I take it to NTB for alignment at 50k, the steering wheel is no longer straight and they've done it twice already. If I straighten the steering wheel, the car goes left. (pissed) Oh, they said the specs were off, pre-alignment.
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    optional sizes other than 225 40 18 on RX8 wheel for the 5l.

    I'm still trying to decide the tire size that I want to run on my RX8 wheels(STILL at the pcoater's). Presently, I have the mazdaspped3 rear bar and am pretty happy with the handling on my 5 as it is. That said, I have no plans to lower it since Eibach makes no springs for the 5 in the US. Has...
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    Dealership tried to fleece me for service...

    I went in for an oil change the other day. The manager comes after about 10 mins and says, "You need brakes right away, your pads are down to 3mm in front!" They'd marked my inspection sheet red so I figured I was close to being metal on metal. I told them no and left after the oil change. I...
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    shocks and crap....

    My 2010 MZ5 is just over 29k when I took it in today. They replaced ONE rear shock under warranty because it was blown. Then they wouldn't give the old one back, stating they had to dispose of it because if it was found in the garbage, they would be fine 100,000 or some crap. SO I wonder what...
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    215/45 or 40 tire on a RX-8

    Has anyone chosen to run a 215/45 or 40 tire on a RX-8 wheel??? Pics?? hibern8r
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    New(to me) Mazda5 owner

    I just picked up a 2010 Mica Gray Touring in Wisconsin. I traded my 03 Honda Pilot and they gave me squat for it because it came up having been in an accident on carchex (my neighbor had backed into the fender) anyway I got the 5 with 22,232 miles on the clock. A rear entertainment system and...