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    Pre wired for sat

    Do you know if the CX-9 is already pre wired for sat radio or is it on the head unit that is ready for it?
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    Audio display, trip computer and navigation

    I have the 08 CX-9 Touring with assistance, sun and sound packages and I have noticed when you turn on the sound system listing to MP3 it displays the Album and folder info in the upper display together with climate control info but after a few seconds it switchs over to show the track time and...
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    Bulletin for 08 models

    This bulletin goes for the 08 models as well. Just had mine in for a two days service to have it fixed and the Mazda service rep confirmed that there is a bulletin out for that issue on 08 models.
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    What did you pay for your 08 CX-9

    Hi, I am curious to hear what kind of offers you get on the 08 model. I got this offer on a 08 Touring FWD with Touring assist, moonroof and sound and towing packages. Color: Sparkling Black 24 months lease with 15k yearly MSRP: $37637.00 Sales price: $34641.00 Reisdual: 61 percent...