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    iPod Remote

    just found this ( and think it might be the perfect solution for hands free ipod management with minimal cost. Add that to the belkin ipod charger with the 3.5mm out to the aux and I think my ipod problem disappear. Anyone else have...
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    I need suggestions and comments about the alarm on the 2008 3 GT.

    I have been doing serious research on all the additions / mods I need for the new 2008.5 I plan to order. Since I am ordering it direct from factory, I am making sure all the options are ordered and installed there. But I'm stuck on a few of the options, one of those being the stock Anti-Theft...
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    The remnants of my Mazda3

    Here is my Mazda 3 - It was a 2007 Mazda3 s Touring with 18000 miles. The engine is basically sitting on the floor , the transmission is not more. Oh, and I aparently broke the engine block, (omg). But hey, I didn't even get hurt when I did this. And the car look pretty good from ever angle...
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    I want to replace stock antenna

    Hi everyone, I want to replace my stock antenna. I have had FM reception problems from day 1. Static and such while driving around the city. I would like a shorter antenna, but I want better reception. Which antenna's woul you advice? Thanks
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    New to the forum and Mazda Owner Community

    Hi everyone, I am new to the community. I was searching around the internet after having the Sirius updating problem and came across the forums. I am the proud owner of a 2007 Phantom Blue Mica a Mazda 3 s Touring. I look forward to contributing to the forums whenever possible, and also learning...