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    What's the best colour in your honest opinion?

    Although I looooove black and the deep crystal blue was also gorgeous, the dust showing and upkeep of those colors makes me insane. So I went with Meteor Grey and absolutely love it, never having a grey car before I felt it was the perfect balance of having a darker color but it not looking...
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    Ugh Road Debris vs CX5 2016.5

    Thanks for all the input guys, will see what I can do myself and I do have the $500 deductible insurance route if it really can't be restored to satisfactory condition.
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    Ugh Road Debris vs CX5 2016.5

    Thanks guys will try the 3m if you think that's best, I actually cleaned it off a bit today and the scruffs weren't that bad moreso just that large gash under the headlight was the worst in (in 2nd pic). Hopefully it'll all buff out!
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    Ugh Road Debris vs CX5 2016.5

    Not a happy camper as I'm that guy that quick details my car a lot and keeps it pristine. Stormy dark night on the highway last night, some type of heavy debris smack in the middle of the lane. Swerved to avoid it, here's the outcome, not sure of damage underneath yet. A quick look under...
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    Considering a CX-5 GT

    I have AWD, was in need of something secure for the winters here in the Northeast. I've heard mpg/performance will even improve after a few oil changes and some miles put on which is good to know. I never owned a Kia, they are interesting looking I do see a few Sportage's around town and it...
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    Considering a CX-5 GT

    Proud owner of a 2016.5 GT with Tech and after weighing many other CUVs after 3 months of ownership and about 5k miles I'm still very happy with my decision. Granted that's a short period of ownership, but I feel I chose the CUV that looks the best, handles the best, solid reliability, awesome...
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    CX-5 Photos - Share your shots with us!

    a quick shot after we got to our cabin at Hersheypark last week:
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    I have a US 2016.5 and there is no remote cargo door release. I find they are very slow from the ones I've seen so I'm glad it's manual still. As long as you have your fob in your pocket you can hit the button and up it goes.
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    Very disapointing fuel economy from recent roadtrip...

    Took my 2016.5 on its first little road trip to Hersheypark this past week. Nothing crazy but put on about 500m there and back. With a full car, packed cargo, AC all the way, I averaged a solid 30mpg there and back with some cruise control used. I was impressed it only took a half tank of gas...
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    Comparing my 2016 GT to my Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

    My 2cents on the Jeep Renegade, I was very close to getting a new 2015 in Limited trim level. It was a bit tight for room in back vs things like the CRV and Rogue, but I liked the overall styling. I had not researched enough on the 9-speed tranny before coming close to buying it. The two...
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    New CX-5 user, got some questions please chip in

    I personally feel the cabin noise isn't that bad, on par with the 13' CRV I had if not quieter. If anything the little added engine noise gives it that visceral driving exp which I think is kinda cool. It's fun to hear it esp when you flick the sport mode on, like it wants to be a little roadster.
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    Potential New CX-5 Owner

    For me the CX5 was the perfect balance of style, driveability, reliability, mpg, comfort, tech options, etc of all the CUVs out there. I researched/tested a ton (Tucson, Cherokee, Terrain, RAV4...) of them before actually first buying a certified 13' CRV and hugely regretted it after about a...
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    I-Activsense worth it?

    Nice informative thread, as I passed on the I-active package and have a GT with the tech only. I am not a huge cruise control user and I felt that the RCC was the main draw of the package followed by the SBS and the HBC sounded interesting. Of all the features I think the SBS is the one I...
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    Any good deals currently out there on Mazda oil and filters?

    Big fan of this place, ships quick, great prices IMO. To get free shipping you need to spend $100: here's the oil kit with the filters:
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    2016.5 Nav ?: Enter place name vs. address?

    +1 I have yet to use a car nav that was anywhere near as fast as our smartphones. I've resigned myself to saving a few different locations that may interest me as favorites prior to a trip, makes it a little easier. The system is def nicer than my friends in his 13' CRV.
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    Traffic on The NAV system

    As long as you "hide" the buttons on the Nav screen those extra icons on the right will be gone for good. At least that's how it's been on my 2016.5 when I changed the setting.
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    HELP-Deal ends today...Do I take it?

    as an owner of a 2016.5 GT with tech I gotta say I loooooove the LED heads so crisp and nice. Also random note, check out the meteor gray vs the black if you're ocd about keeping it clean :). In terms of your deal it seems just about average, be ready to walk away from any dealer and they will...
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    Sport gear mode on 2016 Cx5

    What's everyone's opinion on using Sport sporadically or long-term usage, will this tax the engine or cause any issues in the long run? I tend to flip it on every so often or sometimes use it for maybe a short highway drive. Other than the mpg hit I wonder if it's not something to use a ton as...
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    My favorite 16' CX5 review

    If you haven't checked out this review, I find it hilarious, informative, and entertaining all the same. I love this guy, it was one of the reasons that I got mine, along with all the other praise it has gotten: <iframe width="560" height="315" src=""...