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    Out with the old...In with the new!

    My wife and I decided to look for a new vehicle when our 2007 CX-9 hit 60,000 miles. We looked at a lot of different cars including the new Explorer and New Durango. We looked at them because of the fact that they had a bit more room in them. We were really leaning toward a Honda Pilot after...
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    Best Mud & Snow's

    I put Toyo Proxes STII on my and love them. They have been great in all conditions. They went on at 17k and I now have 41k miles and they still look good - wearing very well! Hope that helps
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    3 finalists to replace the Duellers

    Proxes STII I recently went through the tire madness that everyone is experiencing. I choose the Toyo STII for my GT. I have to say that they are a remarkable improvement over the Bridgestone. They are great in any condition that I have come across this far. I have almost 2k miles on them...
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    Yet another tire question!

    I agree with most that the Bridgestone tires were good for the first 10k miles. I am looking into replacing mine after a bit of snow and slipping and sliding. I realize that I should have snows but to be honest I can't afford over a grand for blizzaks. I have found a great deal on the Pirelli...
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    Cabin Air Cleaner

    Any one have info on how to change the cabin air filter? The manual says to see the dealer..Thats BS, it can't be that hard...Also is one available aftermarket? I would hate to see what the dealer charges for one. Thanks in advance!
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    pulsing brakes

    I recently started having the same problem. I have 10k miles on my 9 I had it in for service so I had the dealer check it. They cut all 4 rotors and the problem is gone. Until this trip to the dealer my tiers were not rotated...So I guess heat caused my problem. Just an FYI, my dealer told...
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    Bluetooth Phonebook

    After having my CX-9 for almost a year I decided to put numbers in the bluetooh phone book. I thought I could just import the phonebook from my phone but apparently you can't...Or can you? Has anyone done this?....Is it possible? Thanks in advance
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    Cargo light not working with hatch

    Sorry I caused suck an issue with a simple question...I guess I am the ass here because the light I was talking about not working is actually the the third row dome light...never though of it that way but it makes sense. For those who gave me info I thank you...For those who decided to turn...
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    Cargo light not working with hatch

    I recently noticed that the light in the cargo area is not coming on when the hatch is opened. It works with the door and with the switch on the light...Any ideas?
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    I am still tyring to get a new meter...I did not forget
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    Rear Washer

    Easy enough...I guess I will have to refill and see if it works! Thanks !!
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    Rear Washer

    The rear washer has stopped working on my 9...It stopped spraying! Any one have similar issue? I really do not want to take it to the dealer for this is I don't have too. I hate my local dealer and the next closest one is 25 min drive Thanks
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    The meter I have is not working....I am working on getting a different one. As soon as I do I will post the %
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    I have a tint meter at work...If I remember I will meter the windows in the next few days and let you know!(cool)
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    The elusive mat

    I have the same mat...For the money it is a nice piece. The power lift gate is the reason the mat goes up the left big deal because it now protects that also(yes)
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    "funny" key card story

    The only thing I can figure is they could not turn it off because they would not be able to re-start it without the key card.1(scratch)
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    All Weather Floor Mats

    Cargo Mat See this link I bought the mat from Autoanything....I like it...It is a nice piece for the money! Also note that if you have the power hatch the mat will go up the side on the driver's side at the rear...
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    Leather cleaner

    For those with leather...What do you use to clean it? I have black leather in the CX-9 and tan in my Odyssey. I have tried a bunch of different cleaners, cleaner conditioners ect. and have not found anything I love. Thanks in advance!
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    Bug shield

    Anyone have the Mazda bug shield on their 9? If so how do you like it? Thanks
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    CD changer + Bass

    I would check the setting on your radio. I think the Bose system sounds great. Do you have navi?