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    Front windows wet on the inside?

    My '08 CX-9 GT's front windows get wet on the inside (about a 1/4 of the glass from the A pillar back, not the whole window) when I put them down after it rains, snows, or a car wash. Basically anytime the car gets wet. It can even be a day or two after the fact. It is very annoying because it...
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    Thumping Brakes? Help!!

    In the last few months I have had a braking issue with my 08 GT. When applying the brakes continuously for 2-3 minutes or longer, coming down a long hill steep hill (mostly mountain elevations), I start to get a thumping sound coming from the front end and the steering wheel starts to shake...
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    How screwed up is this?!?!?

    Well I went to see one of my customers today. I pull into the parking lot and pull in the same area I always do. Well guess what?? They just had a water line replaced. They did not rope off the area or put any cones around the area either. You could not tell any work had been done in the...
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    Rear window washer question?????

    I just picked up my CX-9 a couple days ago, and when I was waxing it today I noticed that there is just a "hole" in the rear spoiler for where the rear washer fluid comes out............does this look right? Is mine missing some sort of nozzle plug? I know my Nissan Murano had a black nozzle...
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    Major CX-9 announcement coming Oct. 15

    Hello all, I was on the Mazda USA website and on the opening screen was a picture of the CX-9. In right hand side of the screen is a clock counting down the time and it says "Major CX-9 Press Announcement to be revealed October 15th". It will be interesting to see what it will be.........(uhm)
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    20" GT wheels/tires???????????????

    I just ordered a 08 CX-9 GT and I have read a lot of articles saying how harsh the ride is on the GT due to the 20" wheels/tires. I was wondering from those of you out there that have a GT CX-9, what are your thoughts/opinions of the ride quality? (I have a Nissan Murano SE right now and I read...
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    Took the plunge....ordered a 08!

    Just got home from the dealer, I put in a order for a 08 Crystal White/Sand Interior CX-9 GT w/assistance pkg., moon roof & Bose pkg., towing pkg., Sirius satellite, roof rails, auto dim mirror, moon roof wind deflector, wheel locks, & all weather floor mats. Sticker $41,550, my cost $38,476...
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    Mazda's new engine