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    Anyone installed or watched installation of switching box?

    I was wondering what is involved. Is it worth the dealer doing the work? Most of the time, dealers will f*** up something during the install. I trust MY workmanship. I would do it if it were pretty straightforward and clear without the use of too many special tools....... Thanks in advance
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    RSES Question

    Anyone out there with the RSES notice that movies play at a much lower volume than CD, Radio or Sat.? My kids were watching a movie, and in order to play at a level where the lower dialouge was intelligible, I had to basically crank it up to the 40's on my dial. Of course when I changed to the...
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    Power/Vol on Navi systems

    Anyone notice this knob has quite a bit of play? Works fine, but I was wondering if anyone else with this system has noticed this as well. If indeed it is just mine, I wonder if long term this would cause an issue. Although my warranty runs to 100k, it only covers the nav until 36k. I would hate...
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    Minor issues

    I have a Grand Touring with all the toys. On the navigation power button, I have a minor amount of vertical and horizontal play. Anyone else noticing this? Pushing it in and out is fine. Just over all play in the button itself. Again nothing major. On all the door swings there seems to be some...