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    2017 CX-9 Rear Brake Job - Cost?

    Just replaced both front and rear rotors and pads for my 2010 CX-9. I bought OEM parts online and it was about $550 shipped.
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    Side mirror replacement. Can I upgrade?

    eBay is probably the place you want to go. You can find an OEM one, not just aftermarket
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    Is there a for Mazda like there is for BMW

    You can try tascaparts, bamwholesaleparts or realmazdaparts
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    Dealer installed remote start

    Dealer charges you $900 for parts and labor?
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    Dealer installed remote start

    I just ordered compustar T12 and Drone system with T harness. I really like some other features they offer.
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    Dealer installed remote start

    I am just curious, what you need to do after you get in the car while engine is running with remote start? With my 2010 CX-9, if I step on brake, engine stops. If I turn the ignition key on before stepping on brake, I then step the brake to gear and drive.
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    Fuel remaining indicator

    What is your cx-9 trim? Normally, when you change infotainment to compass view, it would show remaining distance.
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    Dealer installed remote start

    I installed myself OEM remote start for my mazdas. Only with my 2010 CX-9, I can start the engine remotely, open the door, turn the key and drive away. With 2010 Mazda3 I had before, 2019 Mazda6 and CX-9, once you open the door or trunk, engine will stop and you have to start again.
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    I don't have time to do a BS challenge to Mr. Know It All. It's just stupid to tell people know nothing.
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    I believe you haven't got a chance to test with your own eyes but just believe it. It's just BS too!
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    I doubt about the output differences between high and low beams for both before and after Jul 19 built batches. Many projection headlights in late Mazda vehicles use single bulb. Switching between high and low is very simple by flipping shutter in headlight housing. With one light source, high...
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    First Gen: HID Bulb Replacement

    I had the similar issue and I just bent the spring to make it more curve so it hold the bulb in place better.
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    Congrats on new car! The dealer I bought from quoted me 43K+ saying it's costco program. They showed me paper which is showing costco incentive was just $500. I didn't check with costco so I wasn't sure what their incentive would be. I went with dealer discount and offered down to 39K for '19 SIG
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    Dealer installed remote start

    I installed myself OEM remote start for 2010 Mazda 3, CX-9 and Mobile Start for 2019 Mazda 6. I can say MMS and remote start for 2019 models installation is much easier and lesser work than the one in 2010. I'm just waiting for my order to arrive and install it on my new 2019 CX-9. I'm happy...
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    My score is under 700, so I didn't think I would qualify for it. I didn't ask for 90 days deferment also since we still pay interest during that period.
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    I couldn't believe I got the deal. I paid 29K for 2019 Mazda6 GT in August. At first, they threw me 43K+ saying it's costco deal (we're Costco member). I checked their price before talking to them, showed them so they went down to 40,060. I countered 39K and they accepted.
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    What did you pay for your CX-9?

    Picked one up yesterday, White Pearl 2019 SIG. We got the deal at 39K + TTL
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    2007~2015 Goodbye to my CX-9

    We are family of 4 and I am planning to get another CX-9 next year. We all love to drive big cars.
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    CX-9 vs Volvo XC90

    I cannot tell about Volvo but I can say anything about CX-9. For almost ten years and over 110K on meter, I am very pleased with our 2010 CX-9. I am 5'9" and 190lbs. I really love mazda seats. It is not so soft like honda or not so firm like MB to me. For all that years, we don't have any broke...
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    Upgrading my 2019 Grand Touring with Active Driving Display

    All parts cost me total $966.52 to be exact. What you need: GRF5-55-HU0B Display Head Up GRF5-55-41XA Upper Cover GBEF-67-SH0 Wire There is part number for screws but you can buy them from any auto parts store. You need 4. So, I got all parts I needed. i removed terminal cable from existing...