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    Upgrading my 2019 Grand Touring with Active Driving Display

    I was thinking about upgrading ADD on my 6 but unsure how or what the connection would be. I opened the cover and found out there is a connector with a termination plugged in. I googled and it came up with the term heads-up display. I called my dealer parts dept and they told the part number...
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    Clunking noise from rear passenger side.

    It happened to my 2010 GT about few months ago when it goes over bumps or on rough roads. I recently take a look to see what happened. I googled and see that most people are saying it's sway bar end links. Today, I decided to buy floor jack, lift my car up on stands and check it. I try to hit...
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    Squeaking noise from front wheels when slowly going over speed bump.

    I have experienced this issue for over a year now. I think it's louder in winter. I really appreciate your input since I want to see what part I need to look at. Mine is M3 2010 GT Sedan Sent from my SGP771 using Tapatalk
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    AT Light flashes once.

    I just experience an issue with my 2010 4dr Mazda3. I was on freeway at about 65mph and my car had a hickup just like I step on brake fast. At that moment, I saw AT light on and then off. After that, the car runs as normal again. I want to ask what could caused that happened? Thank you for any...
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    I just picked up this afternoon

    Crystal White 2010 CX-9 GT Moonroof/Bose, NAV, Power Lifegate, Towing Pkg. This car was just unloaded to dealer lot yesterday night.
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    How to remove RSES DVD/LCD Unit.

    Hi, Is there anyone have the instruction manual showing how to remove overhead factory DVD/LCD unit? The LCD cable in my unit was damaged. and I want to replace it. Thanks in advance.
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    New 2010 Crystal White CX-9 GT

    Hi, I just want to ask if my dealer gives me a good price. They shown me their invoice price at around $36500 and want to offer me that price (before tax and license fees). Specs: Crystal White 2010 CX-9 GT Moonroof/Bose Package Towing Package/Power Hatchback Sattelite Radio Navigation I...
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    Need OEM Remote Engine Start Installation Instruction.

    Hi, I got it as a great deal but unfortunately, it didn't come with installation instruction. I am asking seller now. Anyway, if anyone has it, may I have a copy of it? Thanks, Anh
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    Adjust Auto Headlight sensitive, how to?

    Hi, I like to know how to adjust auto headlight sensitive. Thanks
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    My first problem is Moonroof.

    It just happens today when I use it. Slide button does not work at all or just intermittent. Vent button only works at open. Close does not work. Will see dealer tomorrow.
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    Foggy/moisture inside headlight

    I just drove to touchless car wash today. After one hour, my CX-9 right (passenger) side headlight assembly has foggy/moisture inside. I want to ask you if deal will replace whole assembly or repair it? Thank you.
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    Front doors lock and unlock

    As you may know you can open front doors without unlock first. However, i have a concern about that feature. I have tried open the door while it's locked and I'm driving, the door is still able to open. Back doors are working as normal. Do you think it dangers?
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    Suggestions for lowering tires and road noise?

    Anyone notice those noises are bit high when driving on high or free way? Can we change another type of tires to lower road noise?
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    iPhone 3.0 and BT equiped

    I just updated my iPhone 3G to 3.0 software and found a great feature. You can play music through BT Audio in the car without adapter. Before v3.0, there is only phone logo appears, but now both phone and music note appear and you can use Play/Stop button on dash. Sound is great.
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    Brake Question?

    Hi all, I have a brake question to all who have s trim 2.5. When I push the brake, I feel it shakes at speed lower than 20mph and noise seem to be comming out at front wheels. BTW, I think Toyo all-weather tires are really noisy. Do you have or feel any issue above? Thanks, Anh
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    How much did you pay for your Mazda3?

    Hi all, I am going to get a new white i touring with sun roof and Bose package, I really appreciate your advises on best price I can negociate. What is your MSRP and what did you pay for? Thanks, Anh
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    Gears and RPM relative.

    I am not mechanical engineer, but I think my 07 CX-9 has problem with accelerator power at lower gear. Please give me some advises as I describe my problem below. From stop to start moving, at normal accelerate push, my RPM usually reaches over 2500 to change from 1 to 2 and 3. If I push a bit...
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    Engine Rev Question.

    I just realized my 07' CX-9 engine REV (tachometer) can't exceed 3500rpm when I push accelerator all way down and the shift is in P or N. I also tested during driving by shift to N and tachometer can't pass 3500rpm. At 2500~3500rpm, engine noise is very loud. My CX-9 doesn't have any engine...
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    Windshield chip

    My windshield has a small chip by rock, so is it under warranty by factory? Thanks for response.
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    Lock all doors with driver side Door-Lock knob?

    I just want to know if your driver side door lock knob can lock all doors? My 07 TR does not do that. I have to push lock-unlock button. Even though my 96 Millenia can do that.