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    Sunscreen on leather seats

    I think by now everyone knows you love anything stock, and are a hater of anything mechanical, electrical, and fully automated. If they had a crank engine model you'd be the 1st in line to buy it. (spin) Sorry, but leather looks better, smells better, & feels better on my bony ass. They dont...
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    Ya Please do!
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    Homelink Mirror Install Advice

    I purchased the homelink mirror & sirius from my dealer when I bought my car a couple months ago. I brought it in to have the sirius installed and opted to install the mirror by myself as they wanted 900 for the install. When I picked up my car, the sirius wasnt installed but the mirror was...
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    Outstanding Highway Fuel Economy!

    I typically get 13-15mpg, though I drive 85city/15hwy.
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    Autolock doors?

    Great idea, but until I see CX-9 support on the list I wont waste my money. having to connect 7 wires to me doesnt mean - Do it Yourself (unless they are all located in the same area and easy to get to).
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    Door Lights

    Is anyone aware of where I can pick up some replacement bulbs for the door lights? I would like to swapt them out for the same color (Electroluminescent) as the blue indirect lighting near the door handle and gauges.
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    Popular Color Combinations

    That's what I have.
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    Drivers Door Wind Noise. CX9-08

    If its there, I have never noticed it. Though the cabin is rarely quiet. I either have a movie going for my son or im blasting music if I am alone.
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    how many miles?

    Just hit 900, I love living 2 miles from work.
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    Rear view camera

    Ahh the technophobe is at is again! Careful bud, big brother is watching you and has a direct link to our backup cameras, whatever you do don't get behind me while I back up cause the MAN will know you exist. Also, There are reports of the CX-9 while using the voice commands for our NAV...
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    CD changer + Bass

    I have the Bose system with NAVi & RSES and I think the bass is kick'n for a stock system. This system has more bass than my A4 12 speaker system. If anything, the highs are a bit lacking. Of course this could be due to getting old :) I used to be somewhat of an audiophile back about 10...
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    New Transmission - was Check Engine light

    So is it fair to say that if we 08 owners are going to have a similar problem, its going to happen in the 1st 1,000 miles of the cars life? I'm at 700 miles and crossing my fingers.
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    Blind Spot Monitor

    If there is an option for added safety why wouldnt you take it? $200.00 is nothing when you are spending 40,000.00. I think half of the people on these forums are afraid of technology. Trust me guys, no harm will come to you - technology is good and so are safety options.
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    Rear Finisher

    I see that Wayne Mazda Sells a "rear finisher" for the CX-9. Description: Add more style to your CX-9 with this body-color rear finisher. The perfect finish! Color matched to your CX-9. What is it & what does Smart Keyless option do?
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    Features/Options missing from my CX-9 :(

    Yup, no idea what happened there. Also, when I actvate the alarm I would like all the lights to turn off regardless if the were manully set to on, hate walking away...set the alarm and realize my kid left the one in the back on.
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    Features/Options missing from my CX-9 :(

    These features (or lack of) arent going to ruin my 1st mazda experience, I think most of you fan boys misunderstood that (not saying you are one, but a couple of the responses I got are pretty harsh). I was more of less sharing a few things which I thought were missing. Like I said, I drove...
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    Features/Options missing from my CX-9 :(

    Finally, after driving my CX-9 around for a week I finally noticed a few things that are missing. Though, my only frame of reference is the last car I owned which was a 2002 Audi A4. 1. Auto-locking doors when in motion (My Audi had this, I think it was set to 10mph) 2. When making a phone...
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    Another Ipod question? The OEM accessory

    Problem Solved! Thanks for the help.
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    Materials and Features

    I think I perfer the rough-type of leather as to me it seems to be more durable and should hold up better with kids. Or maybe I am talking out of my ass....
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    Another Ipod question? The OEM accessory

    Ok I changed the Volume to 80% and realized that I only get the hissing & static noise when I plug the Ipod into the charger. This is just sitting with the car on in park. If I disconnect the charger, the sound is perfect. So this is where I need the crutchfield ground loop isolater thinggy I...