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    roof rack problem

    no one?
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    Weapon R CX-9 Performance Parts... you think this is only for intakes?
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    roof rack problem

    op, which snowboarding racks fit on the OEM cross bars?? i was thinkin the thule 725 flat top
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    CX-9 Side Steps / Running Boards / Nerf Bars

    do those nerf bars work? how hard is it to install?
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    steering wheel vibrations speeds >70mph

    Hi guys, i have an 08 AWD GT CX-9 with ~400 mi on it and i noticed when i cruise between 70 -80 the steering wheel vibrates to the point where my arm is tired of holding the steering wheel. I don't believe this is normal especially for a new car. Anyone else experience this? (scratch)
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    how to adjust dash light intensity

    how do we adjust the dash light intensity (ex, speedometer etc)?
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    What did you pay for your 08 CX-9

    I purchased an 08 GT AWD Pearl white CX-9 with the following options: Base GT AWD...