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    Homelink Mirror Install Advice

    I purchased the homelink mirror & sirius from my dealer when I bought my car a couple months ago. I brought it in to have the sirius installed and opted to install the mirror by myself as they wanted 900 for the install. When I picked up my car, the sirius wasnt installed but the mirror was...
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    Door Lights

    Is anyone aware of where I can pick up some replacement bulbs for the door lights? I would like to swapt them out for the same color (Electroluminescent) as the blue indirect lighting near the door handle and gauges.
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    Rear Finisher

    I see that Wayne Mazda Sells a "rear finisher" for the CX-9. Description: Add more style to your CX-9 with this body-color rear finisher. The perfect finish! Color matched to your CX-9. What is it & what does Smart Keyless option do?
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    Features/Options missing from my CX-9 :(

    Finally, after driving my CX-9 around for a week I finally noticed a few things that are missing. Though, my only frame of reference is the last car I owned which was a 2002 Audi A4. 1. Auto-locking doors when in motion (My Audi had this, I think it was set to 10mph) 2. When making a phone...