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    2017~2023 CX-5 Radio interups NAV

    For no reason when using the NAV, my radio comes on and interferes with the NAV audio, Has this happened to anyone else?
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    Aftermarket CX-9 Exhaust tips?

    Same here from Ebay. Exactly what I wanted.
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    Updated maps

    Yesterday I updated my maps to the newest version through Toolbox. So far I have not seen any changes from the previous version.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Just updated the NAV system for my 2016 GT. $135. for 3 years. Next step is to insert the SD card and hope to see some improvement.
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    Not Happy. DRL out of warranty.

    I know Mazda has a problem with the DRL's. I didn't mind to much when under warranty. Drivers side replaced after 24months. Now at 39 months, passengers side is out. Not under warranty. Originally was quoted $1250 + tax. Called Mazda HQ in Irvine. Being my 3rd CX, they said they could do $450...
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    Daytime running lights dim/flickering

    DRL out again. First, drivers side out 6 months ago under warranty. Now Passengers side out and out of warranty. by 3 months. Not happy if I have to pay the full replacement cost. Appointment scheduled for this Monday.
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    Daytime running lights dim/flickering

    Same happened to me. Replaced and everything good now.
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    Hey, I'm new!

    Nice to work for a dealership. Would like to get those free car washes.
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    Aftermarket CX-9 Exhaust tips?

    Got mine on Ebay. They are slip on and they stay on. Over two years and they have not moved at all. Only takes like 30 seconds each. Got many complements on them. I believe they were under $50.
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    Might buy a 2016 CX5 Touring....what should I know?

    Exactly, same deal here. Traded my GT on a new GT and paid 10K out.
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    GPS update on 2016 CX--5 GT

    Is the update free for the 1st three years. Mine would run out in April 2018. How often should it be updated. How much are the updates after 3 years.
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    Exact match for Crystal White Pearl not available.

    Since Crystal White Pearl Tricoat is difficult to match, there is no guarantee of an exact match. Even Dr. Color Chip gives this warning. Anyone have good results hiding the White Pearl chips?
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    New (used) 2016 CX-5 - had a couple questions/concerns!

    Things that will lower your milage are - AWD vs. FWD. and running the AC all the time.
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    Daytime running lights dim/flickering

    Lots of good info here. Exactly what I would have said. If I have to replace another headlight assembly after warranty, it's time for a trade in.
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    Daytime running lights dim/flickering

    Best explanation. Written exactly as I would have. In most cases (99.9%) its the circuit board, not the LED.
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    Replaced drivers side DRL module under warranty

    From what I have been reading, the majority of DRL failures have been on the drivers side.
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    2017~2023 More luxury wanted..

    I felt a little sad when I could not replace my CX-7 which for me was the perfect size.
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    Replaced drivers side DRL module under warranty

    Fortunately the warranty covered the cost (1200-1500) to replace the headlight assembly on my 2016 GT. Warranty is over in April 2018. Hope the replacement is an improved version of defective one since this is a common problem. Seems like there is no issue with the passenger side.
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    New CX-5 Owner Looking For Recommended Oil Brand/Type?

    The reason I use Castrol Edge is because that is what my dealer uses for all the vehicles that come in for an O.C. Also the $20. rebate check I get with every O.C. is another incentive.
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    Cabin Filter Replacement

    Many videos on Youtube about this. So simple. You don't have to remove the damper on the 2016 CX-5. I have big hands and it was not a problem pulling out the old filter.