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    Anybody have an aftermarket exhaust ?
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    Cv joint - axles - driveshaft leak - please help

    Doing oil change and tire rotation today Looks like both CV that*s next to transmission - NOT the ones next to the wheel are leaking and flicking lot of grease What*s your opinion? Change boots? Change full driveshaft ? Oem or aftermarket ? Appreciate the thoughts. 2012 mazda5, AT...
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    Intermittent not starting - 2012 Mazda5

    Original owner. Mazda5, 2012, 103K miles. Over the last year, at times, the car will not start on the first try. Has happened about 3- 4 times, completely random. But it starts right up on 2nd try. Battery is from 03/2016, so about 2+ years old. Today it didn't even start on 2nd try, but...
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    100k Miles cost of ownership

    Purchased my brand new 2012 mazda5 in June 2011. It turned 7 years old, and exactly 100k miles My total breakdown of cost from day one: 13 oil changes $182 4 Tires Michelin $800 -@35,000 Miles 4 tries continental $250-@83,000 miles Two lock actuators +all belts +filters $ 775 @78k Miles...
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    Power steering dying?

    2012 mazda5 Owned since new (06/2011) 98,000 miles AT This happened about two months ago. Happened again today. In parking lot, put in reverse, wheel turned, and loud groaning noise. It is a weird loud noise. Almost sounds like something rubbing. It’s really loud and sounds like it is Coming...
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    Apple Car Play

    Anybody install Apple Carplay in a 2012-2015 Mazda5? If so, which head unit you recommend? Does it work with steering controls? Thanks
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    38 inch or 44 inch ?

    I have the oem Mazda roof rack I want to add a fairing. After looking online looks like there is 38 inch Thule fairing Or 44 inch Yakima fairing Which would be best suited ? How do I know which to buy ?
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    Best wipers

    It rains 8 days a year here, so wipers are hardly an issue for me. That said, I have replaced the rear with OEM last year, as I read non OEM doesn't curve correctly etc. For those of you who live in rain, what is the best FRONT wipers you guys like? I changed mine a couple of years ago, but...
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    Rear passenger clunk ?

    So did a bunch of suspension work and car is running great 2012 Mazda 5 touring 87k miles Owners since new Wife got rear ended at stop light last week. Bumpers scratches Since then there is a clunk on the rear right side. I can hear it over bumps and uneven pavement. Any thoughts on what...
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    Dead battery, alternator, starter?

    2012 mazda5 87 k miles Battery died in March of 2016 and at that time replaced with new one Last week I replaced all shocks, rear brakes, all shock mounts, and new tires, and new trans fluid But last two days car takes too long to crank. I can hear the starter spin but it doesnt catch and...
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    Trailer hitch + bike rack

    What is recommended trailer hitch you guys use? I want to add a 4 bike rack to it I am selling my truck so mazda5 needs to carry bikes Thanks
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    Struts blown at 85,000 miles ?

    My 2012 mazda 5, we owned since new The front passenger side had been making a clunking noise over bumps Took to dealer to do hatch recall, and had the dealer check it out I thought it was sway bar bushing Dealer says passenger side front strut is completely blown and driver side is...
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    Noise when reversing

    2012 bought new 83,000 miles Changed first front pads at 77,000 miles Rear pad was low then As I reverse out of garage get groaning noise Is it rear pad change time ? On rear do rotors need turned ?
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    So frustrated by our unreliable mazda5

    This is our 10th Mazda 7 miatas 1 Mazda 3 1 mazdaspeed3 1 mazdA5 We are original owners of our Mazda 5, bought new, 67k miles It had been dead reliable till this month. Passenger front door lock hasn't been working with remote or master door lock. I figured would fix it once we get a...
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    2012 mazda5 door locks don't work , please help

    We are original owners of our 5 year old mazda5 2012 mazda5 66k miles The passenger front door does not lock or unlock using the inside master lock switch. I cannot control the lock from passenger side or driver side. Only if I manually press the lock by my hand will it open or close...
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    Starter or battery?

    2012 auto mazda5 56000 miles Drove car to work Sat 5 hours Went to start it not, and starter doesn't engage car doesn't start Makes "krrrrr" noise when key turned Gauges are doing full sweep twice Headlights work Interior lights work Original battery in car No warning nothing...
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    54 months of ownership, 3rd car wash

    Well will be almost 5 years since we purchased our 2012 brand new this July. 55K miles so far 7 oil changes 1 set of michelin tires air filter Total maintenance cost has been $17/month over the time we have owned it. 27.3 MPG lifetime average I use the car as a beater, road trip with family...
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    2012+ mazda5 HID

    Had our mazda5 touring since new Would like to update the headlights Would like to go HID Any recommendations ? Appreciate
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    Oem roof rack - NEED fairing or remove ?

    We installed OEM roof rack for our roof box. We use it 2-3 times a year for long trips However even with the oem mini rubber fairing it is very annoyingly loud Wife is getting annoyed at it 1) when I installed it myself I didn't think taking it off will be super easy Would you guys...
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    $250 tranny?

    Our new wrx was at dealer for warranty work I asked him at 50 k miles should I replace mazda5 auto tranny fluid My mazda5 hasn't been to a dealer ever to service He quoted me $250 to flush trans fluid I asked if its drain and fill and he said no it's full flush Is price ok?