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  1. johnfb28

    For Sale 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Part Out!

    Looking to sell my 03 speed protege very sad... clutch went on it and with further investigation before putting a new one in realized the pinch weld along the passenger side under the ground effects was all rotted out. it is a typical new york rust bucket unfortunately previous owners did not...
  2. johnfb28

    BFG Drag Radials 225/45R17

    i know there are alot of posts on this subject but there are no straight answers. will BFG g-force t/a drag radial 225/45R17 fit with stock rim w/ no rubbing. please respond asap i am going to get them for the track this weekend. thanx.
  3. johnfb28

    Has anyone sold their racing hart rims?

    Just thinking of putting some different rims on. wondering if anyone out there has sold the racing hart rims and how much they got for them? And I will probably be selling mine soon so if your interested let me know otherwise the rims are going on ebay.
  4. johnfb28

    1/4 mile time with Unichip

    Just wanted to see what results any others got with unichip. I ran 14.9 @ 95mph with boost at ten psi and CAI a month ago. Then put unichip in dynoed it and pulled 168 whp and 190 torque. Then went back to track and ran same time 14.9@ 93mph. I am actually pretty pissed. no gain for $900. I do...
  5. johnfb28

    Spark Plugs Fouling ( need help)

    (help) I need help i put a circuit sports j-pipe on and ran the car for 3 to 4 days without mil eliminator then got cel. So i put one on. It was fine for about a week. it was hesitating bad under high boost. so i finally figured out it was the plugs they where all fouled up. so i replaced them...