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    Electric windows Auto function

    That should be pretty easy to check: the switches for windows with auto function have two distinct positions for up and down: the first click is the manual mode, the second engages the full auto mode. I would be surprised if Mazda uses such switches for windows that don't have an auto mode...
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    2009 Mazda5 exhaust manifold stud torque

    Does this answer your question?
  3. Mazda5 Exhaust System.JPG

    Mazda5 Exhaust System.JPG

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    Accesory power on head unit?

    That's what I tried first, but somehow the groundloop isolator I used did not improve things much. Powering the bluetooth adapter from the head-unit immediately removed the noise.
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    Accesory power on head unit?

    That could indeed be a solution, but previously I've had terrible ground-loop noise while powering an MP3 player connected to the aux-in from that 12V outlet. This noise disappeared when I powered the MP3 player via the USB port of the XCarLink (which somehow is also powered via the accessory...
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    Accesory power on head unit?

    I did some measurements. Without load, the voltage reads 12.12V. With a load of 100Ohm, it reads about 1V and so does it with a load of 1kOhm (for some reason the voltage is not stable under these loads) I guess this makes the ACC pin useless for powering anything at all. I'm very curious how it...
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    $35 Backup Camera and Mirror Install

    Great :-) I've bought a backup camera some time ago, but is has been lying around waiting for a suitable mirror. Does the mirror you bought have some kind of dimming functionality? All the mirrors I see seem to be fixed (opposed to the factory mirror that has two positions that can be switched...
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    Accesory power on head unit?

    Thanks for this info! I suppose it means that 2O is not a "real" switched 12V, but more like a 12V trigger signal. I'll try to measure at which amperage the voltage starts dropping. As a solution, I guess I will just try to fit the Xcarlink adapter that I've been using for years now in the head...
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    Accesory power on head unit?

    Hi all, I want to install a bluetooth adapter to the accessory port of my 2005 Mazda5 head unit and run into a problem: I can't get it to work on the ACC power pin of the head unit, while it works perfectly on the B+ power pin. (But it then stays powered all the time, which I don't want to...
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    2009 Mazda 5 Wiring Diagram

    Don't know about that. But I had no problem using them from the Netherlands.
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    2009 Mazda 5 Wiring Diagram

    I have good experience with When I had a subscription, they had the full workshop manuals.
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    Part out or sell the MZ5? Help me decide!

    Just hit 104.000 km after driving my 2005 for 12 years :-) Still a good car and keeping it until maintenance costs are too high.
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Some other photo's: I cannot find out how to show them inline, so ended up adding the photo's as attachments...
  14. The final result_resize.jpg

    The final result_resize.jpg

  15. Securing the power wire_resize.jpg

    Securing the power wire_resize.jpg

  16. Ring RMS10 with cut wire_resize.jpg

    Ring RMS10 with cut wire_resize.jpg

  17. Route the wire to the front_resize.jpg

    Route the wire to the front_resize.jpg

  18. Reconnecting the wire_resize.jpg

    Reconnecting the wire_resize.jpg

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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Installed Ring RMS10 power socket in rear fold out cup holder Today I installed this power socket (12V + USB) in the rear fold-out cup holder between the to front seats: I bought it to use it occasionally as a...
  20. Reconnecting the wire.jpg

    Reconnecting the wire.jpg