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    Riser for U-haul Trailer?

    'You can change the tongue weight by the location of the junk in/on the trailer." Be careful. You want at least 10% of the total trailer weight carried on the hitch assembly. A tail-heavy trailer is unsafe. It will sway, and it may crash the car and trailer.
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    Riser for U-haul Trailer?

    Even a place like Walmart has many choices of ball mounts, and U-Haul has them as well. You can find the rise/drop that works for your needs. I think the U-Haul trailers need a 2" diameter ball, but check that. To get the ball screwed tightly put the ball mount into the receiver turned 90° so...
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    Anyone riding on 20" CrossClimate2 GTs?

    Priortized for comfort: For some reason the CrossClimate2 didn't show on that chart. Here's the ratings:
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    Splash Guards for 2nd Gen CX-9

    Clean & dry the interior of the stock flaps, then spray them with some silicone spray. It may have to be repeated. PAM frying pan spray works as well...I use it on the soles of my ski boots; snow never sticks. Or maybe give the inside of the flaps a good coat of ArmorAll, or a car wax...
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    The New CX-9?

    If you asked anybody whether that car in the video was a current CX-9 or CX-5, they'd be scratching their head and stuck for an answer. They all look alike. It's like the negative was reversed for the interior photos. I know, Japan has right hand drive.
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    2007~2015 Ohming CX-9 coil packs...How to? Ohm values?

    "Ohming" evidently means to measure the resistance.
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    Battery replacement under warranty: Can I self-install?

    I think you're dealing with crooks. Drive to an auto parts store that will give you a free battery test. It'll likely test good. Even phone your local Walmart tire department and ask if they will test your battery for free. Dealer service personel are paid to sell. The service writers are...
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    2011 CX-9 Stutter / jitter when accelerating at cold startup and highway speeds...Ideas?!

    How many miles on that transmission? Has the fluid been changed regularly? You might be nearing the end of the life of the transmission. If the fluid has not been changed regularly, say every 50,000 miles, don't change it now, that'll make things worse. You can try adding a bottle of...
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    Anyone riding on 20" CrossClimate2 GTs?

    The thought used to be that narrower tires, usually the narrowest listed in the original equipment options, would bite deeper into the snow. Instead, it has been found that the wider tires get a better bite on the snow with more sipes across the wide width of the contact patch gripping the...
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    New TSB for poor A/C performance

    If there is a refrigerant leak the performance will worsen as the leakage continues until there is no remaining refrigerant and no cooling at all. Of course, a leak anywhere must be found and fixed, and then the system recharged with the correct amount of refrigerant. If your car (and mine)...
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    2022 CX-9: Factory Oil Fill Level vs Dipstick Reading

    We don't know what (if anything) is accurate. We do know that 5 litres (5.28 quarts) or 5.1 to 5.5 quarts is good for reliable operation. If you have an engine that is one of the oil burners, keep the level at the high mark. Otherwise, don't worry about it.
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    Brighter Headlights?

    This is a common adjuster. The notches on the little wheel engage the slots in the Phillips screwdriver tip.
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    CX-9 Rear wheel alignment problem

    Kroil & B'laster PB are the penetrants I've found to be most effective. WD40 does what the name implies...water displacing (40th attempt to get it right). Also wire brush the threads clean before you take it back to the mechanic.
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    2022 CX-9: Factory Oil Fill Level vs Dipstick Reading

    How hot is the oil when measured? The book calls for 5.1 quarts (if memory serves). This puts the level at about mid way between the two level marks on the dip stick. When I do an oil & filter change 5-1/2 quarts puts the cold oil level right at the upper mark. This works fine for me. In...
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    Brighter Headlights?

    Our 2016 CX9 LED headlights are good, not great. Our 2017 Prius Prime LED headlights are better. I know that Mazda put better headlights on cars to other nations, but in the U.S. the old federal regs didn't permit the newer tech lights at that time. I think the regs have changed, but I don't...
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    New battery time (CX-9)

    The reason for removing the negative cable first... If you try to remove the positive clamp first and your wrench touches any metal under the hood you'll get a big arc. It might be no problem, it might ruin an electronic component, it might burn you. If you are on the negative clamp and the...
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    Brighter Headlights?

    New2, what country are you in? Different countries get different Mazda lights. Check the aim of the lights. You can get an idea of this yourself. On a level flat surface park a few feet away in front of a wall or garage door. Shine the low beams on the wall. Do the beams seem to go...
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    2016~2023 CX-9 Water pump leaking

    "They would test the compression if they thought it was a cylinder head crack." If the crack is the external wall of the cylinder head where the turbocharger bolts on...what good would a compression test be? "Powerlife lifetime engine/transmission warranty" Please read all the fine print in...