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  1. Ranman57

    Odd Android Auto Behaviors

    So I got a MA1 the other day so have been using AA more than I used to. I have two odd things happening that occur either wirelessly or plugged in. One is sometimes after a voice announcement from Maps the music comes back but only on the left speaker that played the announcement but the other...
  2. Ranman57

    Windshield washer smell

    Whenever we use our CX-30's front washers it smells like the WW fluid inside the car for a minute. Has anybody else run into this?
  3. Ranman57

    CX-30 doesn't have Speed and Red Light Camera warnings?

    We bought the wife a new 2021 CX-30, and I just took it for my first longer drive. My 2020 CX-5 has the warnings for the traffic cams, but the 30 doesn't seem to have it. I did a little digging and it seems some countries have it and some not, and the ones that do had to have a firmware upgrade...
  4. Ranman57

    Updating Speed / Red Light cam question

    Howdy all. Does anyone know how to send a message to Mazda regarding new speed / red light cams? They stuck a new one near my house more than a year ago but it doesn't show up in the maps yet. I seem to remember my '15 with the TomTom system had a way to do that, then they would squirt out...
  5. Ranman57

    2017~2023 Touch up question

    So I walked up to my car the other day only to notice some #&%## moron had seemed to run a shopping cart or something high into the front of my car. As you can see from the attached pic it didn't get through the base layer, but did knock a fair sized chip out of the paint and and added a few...
  6. Ranman57

    2017~2023 So just who designed the speech announcement system?

    Just a bit of whining here about the 2017's MazdaConnect interface with the GPS and other speech warnings. The fact that the speech announcement system is not tied to the actual volume of the audio system is about the dumbest thing I've ever seen, it's as if no one at Mazda actually tried it in...