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  1. i12drivemyMP5

    Anyone Remember These?

    Back in 2011, a Mazda flag circulated the country for members to sign and send along to the next member on the signup list. Was a pretty cool project. Not sure where the flag ended up or if the thread still exists on the new forum. Here are pics from when I had it on March 3rd...
  2. i12drivemyMP5

    Wet Okole Seat Covers

    Did this back in 2016 because I got tired of cheap seat covers not lasting and just being BS in general. Seats stayed pristine but that's about it. Wet Okole seat covers fit so much better, have map pouches on the back of the front covers, increase comfort of oem seats a lot & will last for...
  3. i12drivemyMP5

    Oh, The Temptation!

    This is so tempting to me..........................maybe not that color tho. but the P5 still wins........for the time being.
  4. i12drivemyMP5

    WTB: Battery Cooling Duct

    Part number 18-596 - top right corner
  5. i12drivemyMP5

    WTB: Silver MS Oil Filler Cap

    Want to buy this oil cap...............hoogotty?
  6. i12drivemyMP5

    WTB: 03.5 MSP Lip - 022V Silver

    Only wanting a silver one in great shape so it can go right on the car without painting.
  7. i12drivemyMP5

    WTB: Silver P5 or MSP Front Bumper

    Lookin for a silver 22V front bumper, either P5 or MSP.........
  8. i12drivemyMP5

    Closing Incomplete Sale Threads?

    Why are sale threads being closed after money changes hands but item not been received by buyer yet? It is not a completed transaction until what is being sold is received. I understand clearing up clutter but this practice is jumping the gun until buyer posts up that item was received or at...
  9. i12drivemyMP5

    MS Pink Radiator Cap / Low Temp T-Stat Question

    So, I have a 2003.5 P5 with sportronic. It has UDP crank pulley/lightened acc pulleys/header/P&P IM with VTCS delete/ TB coolant buypass/SRI/1.8 coils/2.25" flex fitted magnflow catted midpipe/ 2.25" Magnaflow catback exhaust. Goal in this episode is bit cooler running motor for longevity/less...
  10. i12drivemyMP5

    WTB: 505 Zoom Air NA Intake

    Yeah, what the thread title says...............whatcha got?
  11. i12drivemyMP5

    Forum Thread Shuffle???????????

    Did the P5 section get rolled into the lounge & welcome area section? Where did it go if not? Something's just not right...................has that faunky rotten obama smell to it, WTF?
  12. i12drivemyMP5

    Wtb: Blue gtspec lower tie brace

    Good shape, no cracks, cash for you, yes? GTS-SUS-1050 (Blue)
  13. i12drivemyMP5

    Flyzeye Simple Glovebox/Console Lighting

    Just got one of these for my glovebox in amber to match dash lighting. I have them in my truck. Work great. Magnet activated LED lighting in different colors. 16.00 shipped. Click on Flyzeye link below to get to site, then store, then bottom of page is the 3vp unit...$12.75 each. Magnet sticks...
  14. i12drivemyMP5

    GTSpec in Stock? Really?

    Got an email out to these folks to see if they really has all this in stock and is it blue or orange. They weren't open when I found it to call........stay tuned (no, not tuner pun) Neverfuckinmind, googled gtspec vbrace for...
  15. i12drivemyMP5

    Black or Silver?

    Dilema, sorta...........silver car, black grill or silver car silver grill? Got a MintBlue grill already black and car is 22v silver. I think it would look better silver to match car but when using the bra to protect front end from chippage would it look weird being surrounded by black? or does...
  16. i12drivemyMP5

    FREE H11 Halogens - Houston,TX

    I have a low mileage pr of H11 halogens pulled from the wife's 2010 Genesis Coupe when HIDs went in. I do not still have that car and have no other rides that use H11 bulbs and saw a thread about 2010 M3 HIDs being an H11. Free to Houston, TX area member that wants them. Just PM and we can...
  17. i12drivemyMP5

    How is This Completed?

    I haven't even been contacted by seller about paying for this kooky way of selling stuff yet much less received the item so how does this qualify for completed sale??????????? oops, meant to open this...
  18. i12drivemyMP5

    Climate Control Radio Surround Questions

    Would the climate controls from a 99-2000 with radio bezel that has the perfed edges work in a P5? Doubting the wiring and control cables would plug in same way. Another question would be, can the perfed edge strips be removed from a bezel like that and put on the plain one somehow? Is there a...
  19. i12drivemyMP5

    WTB: 99-2003 Protege Radio Surround with Perforated Edges

    Looking for a radio surround with the perforated edges on right and left edges for my 03 P5. Dropped the silver trim inside and would prefer the surround with the perfed stuff to match dash and steering wheel perfed instead of the plain smooth one I have now................lemme know whatcha...
  20. i12drivemyMP5

    FS: Freshy Fresh AWR Trailing Arms - Half Price

    Got some GTSpec Trailing Arms to go with rest of GTSpec stuff I have so the AWR trailing arms are up for sale. Non-daily driver garaged car not in any winter salting areas. 80 shipped to lower 48 or 65 local pickup somewhere reasonably close to Houston, TX area. Not feeling much more than an...