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  1. Dino1956

    2008 Automatic NC1 "Differential Whining at 50 MPH Only on Acceleration"

    My VIN is one of the cars from a Differential Service Bulletin. See attached Bulletin. Bought my NC1 used. Two owners before me. Called up Mazda and got Service History. First owner got Diff Oil changed at 77.000 miles but I still have the whine when I hit 50 mph. I will get Diff oil changed...
  2. Dino1956

    2008 MX-5 Rearview Mirror Removal question

    The lamination on the old mirror is pealing. Bought an OEM replacement on Amazon. Saw video on YouTube about sticking a screwdriver to release and slide the old mirror out. Is this the proper way on my model car? I tried inserting the screwdriver but the old mirror does not slide out. This a...
  3. Dino1956

    2008 Mazda PRHT Automatic Car Wash Ok?

    I read on Mazda's MX-5 2016 Manual that you should that you should not go through an Automatic Car Wash if you have a power retractable hard top. Is this true? Do you guys and girls only wash yours by hand? I need a wash and don't really want to wash and wax by hand. Read Here for a 2016 MX-5...
  4. Dino1956

    Mazda MX-5 Miata Noise

    Just purchased a used MX-5 with the hard top. When I have the top closed and I'm driving I hear a creaking/cracking type noise off and on right side passenger side coming from the top. Anyone know what the noise is? The top goes up and down with no issues. I just hear the sound when top is up.I...
  5. Dino1956

    Thinking About A Miata

    I was on here years ago. I still have my 2000 Protege DX 1.6 and its still running but I'm thinking about getting a Miata. And don't laugh or hate, I want a 2.0 Automatic with the hard top. Maybe a 2008-2009. Used car prices like everything else is threw the roof now but when prices get back to...
  6. Dino1956

    Bypass AC Compressor with Shorter Belt Leaving Inactive Compressor In Place

    I have a 2000 Mazda Protege DX 1.6 *vehicle. I am trying to bypass the AC without having to take out the AC compressor and by having the belt bypass the compressor. I thought there was enough clearance to just bypass the compressor without having to physically remove the compressor but I guess...
  7. Dino1956

    AC Bypass Short Belt. Is there enough Clearance?

    Does anyone know if my car has enough clearance in order to put on a shorter belt and by pass the AC compressor completely without having to remove it? Compressor locked up and I just want to get through the next 5 months without AC so I can save for a new Car. I have a 2000 Mazda Protege' DX...
  8. Dino1956

    AC Compressor Noise AC Now Not Working. Safe to Drive with Fuses Pulled?

    OK so I had a noise every time I engaged the AC switch on in my car. A rattle. It would last 5 or 6 seconds and was intermittent. I drove the car like that for 6 months. Now the AC does not come on and when I look inside car the AC Clutch was slipping & not engaging but now it does not turn spin...
  9. Dino1956

    Cross Member Bracket "Cap Popped Off and Can't Get It Back On"

    I have a slight oil pan leak. My Left Crossmember Cap Popped Off and won't go back on because of Oil I guess. If I try to pop it in it just pops back out. Guess I need a new one. Is it bad to drive around without the Cap on? I'm afraid debris will get inside. Thanks in advance. CAP, MEMBER...
  10. Dino1956

    New Brake Pads & Rotors - I Hear Crunching Sound At A Full Stop

    I just got new Rotors & Brake Pads on Front & New Pads & Brake Drums on Back. Now every time I come to a full hard stop, I hear a Crunch Sound. Any ideas? Thanks! Protege' 2000 DX 1.6
  11. Dino1956

    Front Turn Signal Light Replacement Fixture

    Front Turn Signal Light Replacement The Lens fell off one of my Front Turn Signal Lights. So I just Ordered 2 so they will match & I would like to Replace both the Driver & the Passenger Side. I am replacing the entire fixture, not just the Bulb or Front Lens. I have a Mazda Protege' 2000 DX 1.6...
  12. Dino1956

    EGR Replaced & Still Rough Idle & Stumble

    OK, so I finally buy a Rebuilt EGR Valve on eBay (I know...but let me give you details). My Car has had a Rough Idle when it starts up & at Stop Lights, especially when it's Cold. The Code was the "EGR Excessive Air Flow" code. I brought my Rebuilt eBay EGR & I had a shop put it in & they...
  13. Dino1956

    Two Door Screws Closest To Dash

    I'm going to make a very long story shorter. Had a Paint & Body Shop replace my door and when I got the door back, when I opened & closed the door it made a snapping or popping sound right at the halfway mark of opening or closing. As I did not want this shop, who I have no faith in to fix it...
  14. Dino1956

    Small Motor Sound when I Turn On & Off Igniton

    I'm hearing a strange sound like a small motor, coming from the passenger front side of my car when I start ignition or turn off ignition. It only happens sometimes. Not everytime. It just started happening las week because I never heard or noticed it before. I have a DX. No powered seats. Does...
  15. Dino1956

    Little Oil Leak Spots in Garage !

    Just had my car checked out but lately I'm noticing little oil leak spots from underneath the passenger side of the car on my Garage floor. The spots are the size of dime. I had my mechanic check it out about 2 weeks ago & he said there was some oil around the oil filter left over from a...
  16. Dino1956

    Will Codes Come Back after Battery Disconnect ?

    Question: Do codes come back after you disconnect battery, even if you Fix the problem. I know the code will still be in History, But if you fix the problem, then diconnect battery to shut off "Check Engine Light". Will the same code come back anyway since it was not cleared from the computer ...
  17. Dino1956

    K&N Air Filter

    The guy who I bought my car from had the K&N Air Filter. The one you clean with a special Solution & then coat with oil. It's suppose to last forever I hear. Well the dealership told me it was dirty. I don't have the solution or oil to clean it with. I'm wondering is this filter all it's cracked...
  18. Dino1956

    High Octane 93 Gas for Protege

    A guy at the dealership advised to every once in a while, to fill my Protege 1.6 DX Auto with High Octane Gas (Premium). He says it helps to prevent Carbon Buildup in EGR Valve. Does this sound right ? What do you guys think ?
  19. Dino1956

    Code PO402 EGR ?

    Have a slight Radiator leak and a week ago my CEL came on. I thought it could be Cooling System related. Went to Auto Zone and the only code that came up is PO402. Could someone explain? I know it's something with the EGR Valve Flow. But I don't know a damn thing about fixing cars. Could my...
  20. Dino1956

    Can Radiator Leak cause "Check Engine Soon" to Come On ?

    Question: I know there are a lot of reasons the computer can throw a CEL, but could a small leak in a Radiator cause this ? Thanks in advance.