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    CX-90 Spied?

    Looking better , I'm still hoping for a lovely cx70
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    CX-90 Spied?

    Not sure I'm digging the styling, and when I put eyes on the potential 70 that may replace my 2021 Carbon I get the feeling the current design will still win me over!
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Some way some how when getting home last month my wife had opened against the closed garage door and thankfully left only a tiny scratch down to the primer. I did order the touch up pen and will fix. Don't give her to hard a time ! Just one more test to show her you love her more than this! Chin up!
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Yup! My kinda detailer, car looks fantastic!
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    CX-9 vs Competitors

    Good to hear ! A tip for wireless charging is to turn off the nfc ( or ncf) setting in your phone , this got mine to work.
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    What wax do you use to make your CX-9 look amazing?

    I did a ceramic treatment in 2019 Mazda3 hatch but decided when I got the CX-9 I would go back to traditional maintenance, I'm using Meguiar's hybrid ceramic wax and Hybrid ceramic detailed in between waxed, fantastic shine and micro beading and car looks clean even after 2 weeks of driving rain...
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    2016~2023 How do you return to the home screen from Android Auto?

    Yup, press the home button for a few seconds located by the gear shift control directly in front of the rotary dial.
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    Leather Care

    I use Pinicale leather cleaner conditioner.
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    CX-9 Carbon Edition Questions

    In the US, the carbon has paddle shifters but no Hud, I love the red seats and wouldn't change that, also like the physical appearance of my Carbon edition, looks larger than the cx9s with silver rims. Also people can't stop telling me how good it looks.
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    2016~2023 Android phone won't connect to CX-9

    I can't seem to get my galaxy s9+ to connect to the screen with Android auto on my 2021 carbon edition, says available but phone cycles like trying to connect but kicks it self out showing charging each time I push selector knob to the right. What am I missing? I had to disable ncf payment to...
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    New CX-9 from dealer, front bumper plastic cowl repainted?

    The cars are shipped to the dealer with protective white film, on certain parts, it will dissipate after a good wash or clay. No need to worry!
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    2021 CX-9 Changes

    Long time since posting on the forum but just traded in my white 2019 3 hatch with the Premium trim for the 2021 Carbon edition CX-9 and it's been two days and it's a beautiful piece of workmanship.
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    Finally test drove a new CX-5, and was disappointed...

    Nice to have both in my situation(cheers)
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    Finally test drove a new CX-5, and was disappointed...

    The Bose system in the 2019 Mazda 3 is simply outstanding and when this carries over to the rest of the line up it should be night and day. My wife's 2018 touring CX5 is fairly decent with the factory setup and sounded better than my previous 2016 touring 6 . The new 3 can even playback...
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    Third month impressions on my 2019 Mazda3

    Any car over 60 mph is only as confident as it's driver and the 3 handles superbly at 109 mph😋
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    Third month impressions on my 2019 Mazda3

    Handling at high speeds is sure footed and when put in a curve it puts a 😃 on my face, I find the engine a perfect fit for the car and the suspension could handle more but I didn't buy it or want it for that.
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    Difference between base Mazda 3 & 6 is now only $900 for '19

    I traded my 2016 Mazda 6 touring in for the 19 3 hatch with the premium package and even drive a 2019 6 before deciding and big yes on the 3 being more refined. This car in no way was made to compete with the Toyota better think Mercedes,Audi Acura etc.
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    New 2019 3 hatch in the house!

    coming soon!(sad1) guess I'll wait on the congrats, had a blast driving it today after giving it a wash.
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    New 2019 3 hatch in the house!

    Hi all happy to be back in the 3,I traded my 2016 soul red Mazda 6 touring in on this snow flake pearl white hatch with the premium package and in more ways than one consider it an upgrade. It literally took one drive and seeing it in person to have me back at the dealership a week later to get...
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    Auto care (washing/cleaning)

    I use the 2 bucket method for now with a grit guard, Adams car shampoo or Optimum, from there clay and wax twice a year , I use Meguiars Ultimate wax and polish and clay twice a year but in between I use there Synthetic spray wax after every wash (even on seals ,lights, rims and black trim wheel...