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    Back in a Mazda

    Well, not quite yet. After 9 years of being Mazda-less (not by choice), I put a hold on an incoming White Pearl Premium. It was, literally, the only CX30 not already sold within 100 miles of where I live, except for a Premium Turbo and a Carbon. I would have loved a Turbo - but not the Premium...
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    AWR Rear Motor Mount, Never Used

    Hi Everyone, I have a New, never-installed AWR Rear Motor Mount, 70 durometer. I installed the other three but never got around to doing this one. $45.00 + shipping. Send me a PM if interested.
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    Craigslist ad for a skyline on long island - kinda funny

    Saw this on another forum and thought I'd share. The guy doesn't really have a firm grasp on grammar or spelling, but he gets the point across pretty well.
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    Last Day as Vendor

    I almost don't know how to begin, so I will just say it. Wednesday, August 31st will be my last day as a vendor here. The bad economy has taken a toll on my little side business and I can't afford to pay the bills any more. I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the last five and a...
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    Moving to FLA and need help with tires

    So, I am moving to FLA and I need new tires. In PA I run summer tires (currently Sumitomos, which I don't really like, prefer Yoks) and winter tires on steelies. I know I don't need the snow tires any more but my question is can I run summer tires year round or should I buy an all-season tire...
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    Moving (eventually) Need help.

    To St. Augustine area. I have a deaf daughter and while the school here is one of the best, the deaf community in St. Augustine is large and would be great for her. And the school there is the biggest of it's kind in the country. Reason #2 is I never want to see snow again. And I'd like to live...
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    FREE!!!! ????????????????- Pay it Forward (READ POST #1 FIRST!)

    In keeping with the generous spirit of ghetto waggon's original thread, here is version II. For the new people to the thread: What we are trying to accomplish here is a place to come and get an item for free (or shipping cost) and in turn you offer up something in equal value to the community...
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    Help a northern brudda out

    My daughter just got a job at Disney as a character/dancer. They want her to start in 3 weeks. 'Course she needs a place to live, so I need suggestions where to help her look for apartments that are decent but not incredibly expensive...and within 30 minutes or less of Disney. She'll be...
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    Little NH trip

    I was gonna post this in the NH section but that's even quieter than the PA one... So I was in NH this past weekend for the first time. What a beautiful place. Quiet...really quiet...but beautiful. I saw a lot of nicely modded cars up there too, more than I expected. I was on 31 East headed...
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    Anyone Else Notice?

    This forum has been a nicer place to hang out lately.
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    Another Spotted:

    Yellow MSP, lowered, sticker across the windshield, on Parkway East about 2PM on Thursday. I blew the horn but dunno if it was acknowledged, I was exiting at the time I was passed.
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    Fantasy Baseball/Pittsburgh

    Hey Guys, I don't suppose any of you are into Fantasy Baseball? My league is one franchise short this year...hit me up with a PM if interested. G
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    My Shiny New Cat-Back

    Just brought my new toys home and snapped a few pics:
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    Question for the PA Guys/Girls

    Are any of you running the OBX header? Have you been able to pass Emissions testing with it on, or are you swapping out the header with the stock one at inspection time? I'd like to get the OBX, esp. with all the problems everyone's been having with Wagner these days but I really don't wanna go...
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    Gotta be VICS...

    So last night, I'm driving home from work and merging onto a four-lane road. I rev it up to @ 5000+ shift, then shift again. As I shift into fourth I hear clinkity-clink, not sure where it's coming from. I downshift as I head for a light and as soon as my car comes to an idle, the engine stalls...
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    P-coated Stockies

    Just got my rims back the other day. Powdercoated by none other than the infamous Super Matty P!