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  1. ceric

    Sulfur Smell When I Floor It

    OP, Your CX5 might have a gasket leak. The smell enters the cabin. My old BMW5 had a gasket leak. I could smell gasoline under the hood and in the cabin if not in recirculation mode. Once the gasket was replaced, A-OK. See if you can smell it under the hood.
  2. ceric

    2022 CX-5 Turbo Brake Judder

    Hard to diagnose OP's issue remotely, but I had a similar issue w/ my '16 Mazda6. It only juddered when I applied brake on highway speed. The faster the speed, the worse juddering. At lower speeds, it was not that bad. Since my Mazda6 was my commute car before COVID, I rarely got to drive that...
  3. ceric

    Joining the Mazda family from Honda

    Congrats to OP on new cars. I used to see myself as a Honda/Acura guy.. Not any more. Owned 2 Accords, 1 Odyssey, one Acura in the past. In contrast, 1 BMW 1 Toyota and I Mercury/Nissan. Now I owned 4 Mazdas. (not including the '08 CX9 I traded in) It is quite a scene when my kids come home...
  4. ceric

    2016 CX-5 rear camera - Black screen after update - Help

    Were your CX5 produced for NA originally?
  5. ceric

    Mazda Dealers in Pennsylvania (Markup List) and Guide

    > "we already put it on the car, can't take it off" That happened to me. I told them that I want the one in transit to the dealership. Please do not apply the magic package on it. I want MSRP. Deal? They agreed. Arrived home, I found the package was applied on it (which I did not pay for). No...
  6. ceric

    Realistic price discount for a 2023 CX-5?

    I suggest that while doing negotiation leave the $500 royalty discount out of it. Dealer will apply that into the final price anyway. They get that money from Mazda. Keep negotiation simple.
  7. ceric

    Realistic price discount for a 2023 CX-5?

    OP, you should contact more dealers near you. Good idea to widen the search radius to cover at least 3-4 dealers. Use's inventory search function (under Shopping Tools -> Shop -> Inventory Search) to find which vehicles are on their lots and which are in transit to them. If they...
  8. ceric

    2022 CX-5 Adaptive AT?

    Hard to say. It depends on the algorithm used by Mazda. Total average of past driving or weighted average, more on recent driving.
  9. ceric

    Sunroof Issue - 2019 CX-5 Signature

    Why no one suspects that the moonroof motor is weak? Video the problem and show it to the service advisor. Better do it before warranty expires.
  10. ceric

    CX-5 Airbag light flashing after window left open

    Factory warranty does not cover user error anyway. I would let it dry out and see if that fixes it. For now... maybe no one should sit in passenger's seat (front, I assume).
  11. ceric

    Anyone know what this CX-5 grille part is called? #24 in the drawing. I chose '17 because mine is. Please choose your year and model. ;) It is grouped under *grille*.
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  13. ceric

    2017 Mazda CX-5 interior creaking sound

    Is that from A/C? Turn it off to see if that helps...
  14. ceric

    What did you pay for your CX-50?

    Yes. $500 for most models... + $500 for military appreciation if applicable. Scroll down for 2023 CX-50.
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  16. ceric

    What is the correct oil filter for a 2021 Signature Series with the turbo?

    ^ +1 Concur with what Gus said. WPY for turbo and WPE for non-turbo.
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  18. ceric

    Mazda 2.5L NA power curves

    Curves of both 2.5L and 2.5T are in this thread below.
  19. ceric

    Autogefühl drives and reviews new Mazda CX-60 PHEV

    I 100% agree. I recall when I was 50lbs lighter .... :LOL: