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  1. ceric

    When did the crease line show up on door sills?

    My '17 does not have it, but my '22 does. I am wonder since which model year did this crease show up? Anyone knows? Thanks. Old door sill plates don't fill perfectly because of the creases.
  2. ceric

    Are you concerned about signal relaying theft?

    If you leave your fob close to an outer wall/window and your vehicle outside, you could become a victim. Some thieves are equipped with a set of signal relaying devices (one amplifier and one receiver) that fools your vehicle to open doors or even start engine. This has happened all over the...
  3. ceric

    Adding GPS SD card to a 2022 CX5 Turbo

    Just added a GPS SD card I bought to my 2022 CX5 Turbo, which did not come with the card (only Signature model does). What it enables: 1. GPS map, of course, plus navigation guidance in HUD. 2. Sign/speed recognition. Signs show up in dash as well as in HUD. 3. Due to speed limit info being...
  4. ceric

    Mazda CX-5 performed best (among 20 tested) under the new IIHS side impact test. 80% more impact energy than before

    We chose the right CUV.
  5. ceric

    Off Topic Chip shortage discussion

    AMD CEO, Lisa Su, said the other day that chip shortage will remain tight in 1H/2022. It will ease off in the 2H. The problem is that some companies are stockpiling chips to profit from the shortage. On top of that, many automobile chips are made in Taiwan (e.g. TSMC) and Malaysia. There is...
  6. ceric

    Catalytic Converter Theft

    Due to price hike of these expensive metals in the CAT (catalytic converter), CAT theft is growing now. Most victims are Prius (which has TWO CATs) and high ground clearance SUV/trucks (easy access). Should we worry about our Mazdas? Has any owner had their CAT stolen yet?
  7. ceric

    Fuel Pump Recall coming to some newer models

    Mazda has issued fuel pump recall (weak blade) in several countries. Not sure if US will be next, but it is very likely. (same issue with Toyota and Honda not long ago) Model: Date produced (check the label at the base of your B-pillar or wait for the letter) Mazda2: 10/17 - 8/19 Mazda3: 8/18 -...
  8. ceric

    Next-gen CX-5: Rumors from Japan

    Source: Time: 2023 Jan. Engine: Inline-6 SPCCI (Skyactiv-X) with 3.0L. Supercharger + 48V mild hybrid. 300hp, 253ft-lb. Same engine will show up first on next-gen Mazda6 (2022 March), which will become RWD (optionally AWD). Use google translate if you want...
  9. ceric

    Rumor: Next Mazda6

    From Japanes Best Car mag. Mazda and Toyota are co-developing a new RWD platform and a new inline-6 3.0L Skyactiv-X engine targeting 345hp. This platform and engine will be used on next Mazda6, Totota Crown and Toyota Mark-X. Some drawings were also included. Mazda6...
  10. ceric

    i-Eloop supercap failure on '16 GT

    i-Eloop 12V Battery failure on '16 GT For those who own GT with i-Eloop, you might want to read this. The 12V battery used in i-Eloop system is prone to failure after 3-4 yrs of normal use. Mine just failed a couple months ago. My co-worker's GT ('15) also did last year. So, two out of two in...
  11. ceric

    Damage repair: can one ask for OE parts to be used?

    My friend's Mazda3 got hit from behind with bumper damage. Geico used *certified bumper* but it did not fit very well at the seams. He refused to take it. Geico will call him again. As a victim in this case, can he ask for OE bumper to be used? What is the rule on this? Thanks in advance.
  12. ceric

    Vibration during hard acceleration from stop

    Since new I have had this annoying issue, other than this, I love my '16 Mazda6 GT (w/ tech). I went back to the salesguy to testdrive another GT, and found the same issue. Hence, I think this is a common problem (maybe I was wrong. 2 is a small sample pool). Anyway, while car is fully...
  13. ceric

    Say Goodbye

    Traded my CX9 in for '16 Mazda6 (see signature below) today. Got a good price, good trade-in value, and $500 loyalty discount. It's time to down size my vehicle, now that kids are leaving the house. Have fun with your '9., guys. I will stick around Mazda3 and Mazda6 forums. ;)
  14. ceric

    New Mazdaspeed3 <img src= /img> 300hp, AWD, turbo-2.5G.
  15. ceric

    New Mazdaspeed3 300hp, AWD, turbo-2.5G.
  16. ceric

    New Mazda Speed3, 300hp, turbo 2.5 Skyactiv Standard 3 refreshed in 2017, together with release of Speed3. A detuned version will be used in next CX9s. More in the article.(hi)
  17. ceric

    Axala (Mazda3) JDM Accessories

    Posted this before. This time in PDF format. If you can read Japanese, lots of info here: You can roughly guess what the link is by looking at the pop-up text at the lower left corner...
  18. ceric

    Atenza (Mazda6) JDM Accessories (yes)
  19. ceric

    CX-5 JDM Accessories

    Sorry if this has been posted before. (yes)
  20. ceric

    2016 Mazdaspeed3 2016 Mazda3 MPS Could Feature AWD and 295HP Mazda Rumors Japan Rendering Hot Hatch Will take on the VW Golf GTI and Ford Focus ST. According to a recent report published in Japanese car magazine Holiday...