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    SCBS Saved my @ss!!

    My wife and I have been driving the CX-5 for about 2 years. Neither of us have had the SCBS kick in and always wondered if/how it would work. I've been driving for about 25 years now and have never had an accident so, to me, it was one of those nice-to-have-but-I'll-never-need-it things--...
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    Forbes 10 Best New Car Interiors

    #9 on the list ladies and gents. Nice to see it continuing to get positive press.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Figured I'd try a thread where everyone can post up what they did for their ride today. I gave her a nice hand wash and sealed her with some JetSeal 109. Dodo Juice is on deck...
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    Finally Got Her

    After trips to a few dealerships and waiting a week for one to be located, we finally picked up the new ride today. AWD GT w/Tech. Loving it so far.