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    2010 Mazda3 S Grand Touring Hatchback inspection

    We’re choosing to ignore the sensor. The door is still locked and won’t open accidentally. It depends whether you think $300 is worth it To fix the issue.
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    I wish I could turn off cylinder deactivation

    I have averaged about 32-33 mpg per the display on long trips driving 65-70 on the interstate.
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    Ugh...Tired of seeing the CX-5 everywhere

    Lots of CX-5s in Northern VA. But they are still outnumbered by CR-Vs and RAV-4s.
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    Dashboard Display Settings

    I feel your pain. It's hard to remember all these settings especially when we get older!
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    2010 Mazda3 S Grand Touring Hatchback inspection

    My wife is the original owner of a 2010 3S hatchback. No real problems except for random electrical problems that involve the door sensors indicating a door (usually the front passenger side door) is open. Shutting the door by pulling it harder works. Other than that, no real problems with...
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    Fuel gauge accuracy?

    I ran my CX-5 until the low fuel warning light illuminated and I filled up with 12.4 gallons when the gauge said only 5 miles remained. So it appears that there were almost 3 gals of fuel left in the tank. Does this sound right? I didn't add much extra fuel when the gas pump clicked off, only...
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    Auto Climate Control fixed at two-bar fan speed?

    My 2018 maxes out the fan speed in the situation you described.
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    MPG Gauge Blue Line Question

    I’m not sure the blue mark has ever moved in my experience. After a fill up on a long trip, the mpg starts in the low twenties and slowly increases to around 32.5 the longer I drive. I have seen 33.x mpg, but not in awhile.
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    Where is the knock sensor on a SkyActiv 2.5L engine?

    Hope my wife’s 2010 Mazda 3S 2.5L engine lasts that long. It only has 40k miles on it now.
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    2018 CX5 issue with emissions test

    No issues in VA.
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    Simple, customizable trunk storage

    @hal2 - is that a clear cargo cover in the first pic? Where did you get that?
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    Stuck in the snow? Don't do this!

    Possibly. If it were me, I would’ve opened the door and escaped where the flames were the lowest.
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    2017~2023 No auto hold after smooth stop?

    Same thing has happened to me since I like to coast up to red lights and save my brakes. I always kept my foot on the brake in case the auto hold didn’t engage. I think the firm press solves the issue although I didn’t really think about it until seeing this post.
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    2017~2023 CX-5 Trailer Hitch recommendations?

    There’s no way I’m using that hitch strap. Athough I’m glad someone found this in the Curt fine print. I have the class 3, 2” receiver version. I have the Yakima Ridgeback 4 bike rack and it’s been stable with two road bikes loaded. I’d be afraid the hitch strap would damage the spoiler. I...
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    2017~2023 Maintenance Reminder/Oil Change due - Last Oil Change @ 3,179 mi

    Thanks YRWEL52. I booked an appointment with a reputable independent shop to do this oil change since due to the pandemic, I don't have access to my parents' garage. I have a WIX 57002 filter so I'll try using it instead of my extra Mobile 1 108A filter.
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    2017~2023 Maintenance Reminder/Oil Change due - Last Oil Change @ 3,179 mi

    My first oil change per the thread title was 9/28/2019. I set the maintenance reminder to Flexible as suggested instead of by mileage. In June 2020, I had the PCM update for the CD Recall. The maintenance reminder started displaying the wrench within the last month or so and while driving for...
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    2017~2023 Anybody replace the plastic headlight lens cover?

    Can you put some glue in the crack to seal it? If the crack doesn't get bigger, that may help keep it from going all the way through.
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    New Mazda map?

    Upgraded in Jan 2020. This update was worse than the previous version for my area. Speed limits were over the posted limits and the previous version was more accurate. Hope the new version corrects those errors.
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    What was changed in the engine (USA)?

    Where? Thicker window glass and more sound insulation for a quieter ride.
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    Havoline oil w/ Moly?

    The Walmart online price for 5 qts of Castrol Edge 0W-20 is the same as Amazon Prime. Amazon was cheaper than the local Walmart and it was out of stock when I visited.