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    WTB: 2001 Mazda MP3

    A longshot but I am in the market for a 2001 Mazda MP3. Anyone have a lead?
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    MSP Clutch Parts, Front Sway Bushings, Rear Suspension Lateral Bars

    Long shot but do you still have that throwout bearing? Would you consider shipping to Canada?
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    WTB: Hot Pipe for MSP (Turbo to intercooler)

    I am in the market for a hot pipe/ Turbo to intercooler pipe for a stock MSP intercooler. Send me offers if you have one stock or aftermarket. I reside in Canada so please bear that in mind. Thanks!
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    LF: Stock T25 Turbo

    Hi all, The seals have gone on my T25 turbo. Looking for a replacement. PM me if anyone has a lead. Thanks again.
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    Stock parts from 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege

    Ship to Canada? Would you ship to Canada?
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    1990 MAZDA MPV Rims on MSP

    I got a set of winter tires (205/60/15) and I was wondering if i can use my 1990 MPV 10-slot rims on my msp. It's a 15"x6" rim with a 4.5" Bolt Pattern and a 40mm offset (