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    glowing rotor - probably time for a new caliper

    Got home last night and noticed a luminescent orange front left rotor... probably time for a new caliper. (Tried to take a picture but the cell phone was too slow.) These aftermarket calipers are all junk--they fail after 2-4 years. The aftermarket rear calipers are especially rubbish--this Pro...
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    installed an autodimming rear view mirror with compass

    Just installed a Gentex auto-dimming rear view mirror with compass that I pulled from a crashed Mazda 6 ($20, but minus $11 for selling the OEM mirror). After figuring out how much extending the mirror's wiring harness would cost, I purchased the Mazda installation kit (part number 0000-8C-B11)...
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    wide angle mirrors from UK ebay?

    I'm looking to purchase the wide angle (aspheric) EDM-spec mirrors for the BJ Protege. Has anybody bought the aftermarket replacement mirrors from the UK ebay site? These are the heated version... Were they decent quality and...
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    replacing Mazda Protege hazard lights switch, fog light switch, dimmer switch bulbs

    The bulbs in the Protege's and Protege5's hazard lights switch, fog light switch, and interior lighting dimmer switch are identically-sized 12V microlamp bulbs that can be replaced with RadioShack part number 272-1092 (2 for $1.99). The RadioShack bulb is slightly longer, which does not cause...
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    MP3 Racing Hart wheel with center cap and tire

    SOLD!!!! For sale is a 17" Racing Hart aluminum alloy wheel from a 2001 Mazda Protege MP3. The rim has curb rash as shown in the photos. The center cap is included ($75 new alone). The tire included is a Mastercraft Avenger 205/45R17 with 6-7 millimeters of evenly-worn tread remaining...
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    think I found the source of the clunking...

    The clunking from the right rear suspension area of my '01 Pro ES started at about 120k, and the problem revealed itself loudly at 199k... Top: Bottom: I'm replacing both rear upper strut mounts with KYB mounts. Still the Rustoge is slowly turning into dust...
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    fog light fuses

    In the fuse box in the engine bay, there are two fuses for foglights. In my Protege, one of the fuses for the foglights is getting power and the other is not. Are both foglights controlled by one fuse or is each foglight controlled by its own fuse? I'd assume each foglight has its own fuse, but...
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    Consumer Reports - All-Season Ultra High Performance tires review

    Out in the November 2010 edition of Consumer Reports is their most recent review of All-Season UHP tires... Here's a summary in order of ranking of the 17 tires tested: #1. Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season #2. Sumitomo HTR A/S PO1 (note HTR+ is a completely different tire) #3 (tie). Michelin...
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    FS: Protege5 Trunk Net

    For sale is a like-new trunk net for a Protege5, which clips on to the four hooks in the trunk and lies on the floor. The netting is in good shape as are the four clips. Keep your stuff in place for only $11 shipped to your door (continental 48, please).
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    FS: Racing Beat Front and Rear Swaybar Kit for Protege/Protege5

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!! For sale is a Racing Beat swaybar kit for the '01+ Protege and Protege5. I believe this is the same swaybar upgrade that came with either the MP3 or Mazdaspeed Protege. The kit contains: -front Racing Beat swaybar -rear Racing Beat swaybar -rear subframe -misc. hardware to...
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    Replace LED in spoiler brake light?

    A couple of the LEDs in the Protege ES spoiler tail light are out and I'd like to replace them instead of replacing the entire unit (~$180 from Mazda--usurious!). Has anybody tried replacing an LCD in the tail light? If not, I'll have to try it out and post results. The tail light is easy to...
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    WTB: '01-'03 sedan Racing Beat muffler

    Looking for a Racing Beat muffler that will fit a '01-'03 Protege sedan.
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    need help with suspension diagnosis

    My car has the infamous clunking coming from the rear while going over rough roads. The endlinks and rear swaybar bushings have been replaced with new OEM parts and the problem persists. My question is: what's the next step? I think it's to replace the upper strut mounts with new P5 strut...
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    brake pad backing plate mess on wheel

    So one of the rear brake pads ground down to the backing plate, leaving a dark iron powdery-looking mess on the wheel. Although it looks like a coating of brake dust, it won't come off with soap/water. Does anybody know how to remove this? I haven't tried any cleaners yet, besides soap/water.
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    Value Products by Mazda - cheaper than OEM

    Found this website that sells Value Products, which is made by Mazda. I've posted the link for brake pads here. For comparison, the OEM pads from cost $70 vs. $28 for the Value Products pads.
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    Protege 5 (Familia) Penny Racer

    A Choro-Q Penny Racer of the Mazda Familia/Protege5.
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    WTB: '01-'03 Protege sedan complete exhaust system

    I'm looking to buy a new or lightly used complete exhaust system for a 2001 Mazda Protege ES, from (including) the J-pipe, catalytic converter, resonator, to the muffler. OEM or quality aftermarket is ok. I'm also interested in a stainless cat-back exhaust system (Magnaflow or Racing Beat...
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    foglight won't work - strange problem

    So one of the foglights on my Protege ES (with an MSP bumper) went out. The bulb is still ok (tested with a 9V battery), and I purchased another bulb just to be sure. When I measure the voltage across the postive and negative wires to the foglamp with the bulb disconnected, I get a reading of...
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    Smallest wheels on an '01 Pro ES?

    For my '01 Pro ES, I want to get the smallest wheels possible so I can put as narrow a snow tire on as possible. I know it's possible to get 14" 5x114.3 wheels from a Mitsubishi Eclipse, but will these fit the Protege ES? If not, then is 15" the smallest size that will fit?
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    Protege 5 Penny Racer

    I thought this Mazda Familia (Protege 5) penny racer was pretty cool. It's rare to find Protege toys.