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    2017~2023 CX-5 Trailer Hitch recommendations?

    None of the aftermarket options require any cutting of the bumper cover. And, they all look tidy - including the OEM option. The biggest difference is price - the OEM option is expensive. The OEM option is a 1.25" receiver which is appropriate for the towing capacity of the CX5. If you already...
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    Poll How was your Mazda dealership service experience?

    I am lucky to have an excellent Mazda dealer service department near me. For me this is only relevant for warranty repair because I do all my own maintenance and repairs. But I have two close friends who use this dealership service for all maintenance and repairs. Dealership maintenance is more...
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    2019 Mazda CX-5 GTR Brakes after 34K miles?

    Re: the story above: I guess the phrase: It is a temporary fix unless it works applies. But don't know what to say about selling a car with a crimped brake line and water as brake fluid. Hope the buyer fixed it up.
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    2019 Mazda CX-5 GTR Brakes after 34K miles?

    To the OP: 34k miles for front brakes seems a bit low unless you are doing a majority of city driving. You didn't say you had complaints of vibration and the picture of the rotor doesn't confirm that you need new brake pads and rotors. The thickness of the pads would be a greater concern.
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    2019 Mazda CX-5 GTR Brakes after 34K miles?

    Wow. It is hard to believe the service schedule recommends replacing brake fluid every other oil change - for most people 1-2 years. I do a partial change of brake fluid with brake system work, but that is usually 40 - 50k miles or around 3-5 years. No harm to change it more frequently, but what...
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    Speed Sensor affecting TPMS sensors?

    Gen2 has actual TPMS with sensors in each of the wheels. The pressure sensor is integrated with the schrader valve assembly. I think it is worth trying to install OEM tire pressure sensors. The TPMS and speed sensors should not be related. I'm surprised you did not have a check engine light or...
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    225/55R19 Tire Comparison Table for CX-5 GT - Many to Choose From

    Aren't you lucky? Both good choices and a good deal too. Take the rebate give the Bridgestone quiettrack a try and don't look back. Don't like my opinion and choose the Contis - and geez you still have some nice tires.
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    '18 CX-5 creaking noise from front end

    Here is a link to a TSB that might apply. Hopefully it will give you or your shop a clue on what to look for and lead to a repair. Good luck
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    Grease for brake caliper pin?

    Usually bottom. Some calipers come with pins where both have the rubber sleeve on them. It is supposed to be anti-rattle. In truth it is not critical that it be in the top or bottom position. The sleeve on your pin looks a little worn out and might be replaced. The rubber sleeve is often...
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    DIY rear shock replacement

    I have NOT done this on my 2018 AWD - but took a look. I would attempt to get the rear shock out without removing the coil spring. You can definitely get to the nut - and it appears the lower stud might also be removed. Sorry, I can't be 100% positive, but think there is enough room to move the...
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    2014 Touring - Towing Smallest U-Haul Trailer

    I agree the majority of the responses are too cautious. FWIW: I occasionally pull a 1000 - 1500 lb boat trailer and a utility trailer <1000 lbs loaded. Like ColtX-5 I'm impressed with the towing. The CX-5 feels adequately powerful and stable for the towing that I have done. To the OP: the CX-5...
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    2007~2015 First Gen - Coolant quantity for drain and fill question

    Confirm: Leaving the radiator cap off, heater full on and rev the engine around 2000 - 2500 rpm following the initial coolant fill is all you need to do. The air will work itself out of the system. Some cars will trap air and require a vacuum filler but the Gen1 CX-9 does not. To be fair if you...
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    2017 CX5 Caliper Issue

    I agree you should contact Mazda corporate customer service and submit your case. Rotors and pads would not be covered, but calipers are a grey area. The rear calipers had issues on the 2016 model year noted in the TSB. I think you have a very good chance of getting some of your repair covered...
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    2013~2016 CX-5 Coolant maintenance

    ^ what Mazdiod2 said about coolant hoses. I prefer to do 1 - 3 simple drain and refill the radiator with premixed coolant rather than trying to get to a purely water filled system. But I understand that you might feel better if you did multiple drain and refill until you see nothing but water...
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    Impact Wrench Gun Suggestions

    The deal of the moment on a Dewalt cordless impact gun is the high torque with battery, charger and bag at Northern Tool. It really is a $70 savings. I don't know how long the deal will last, but check out this link.
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    Got my CX-5 Today

    Sorry to hear the seats in your CX-5 are uncomfortable for you. FWIW: My wife loves the Xtreme Comforts Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion.
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    Rear calipers

    Jmaz and yrwei52 are right to ask if this is a 2016 model car. Not sure why you are replacing calipers - but if it is because the rear brakes were dragging then you might get some financial help from Mazda since some 2016 cars had faulty rear calipers. Tip for keeping the brake fluid from...
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    Engine toast due to freeze plug?

    Wow - very happy to hear that the issue was the water pump and very sad to hear of the outcome of your hard work. When you take on a big job like this, sometimes you fail. Ask me about that time it took 3 attempts to install a rebuilt engine. Or the time I installed a rebuilt transmission but...
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    Rear calipers

    I assume there is a story behind that comment. Hopefully you were aware that your car has an electronic parking brake built into the rear caliper. If you have not found and downloaded the service manual with the electronic parking brake maintenance mode info you can find all the details in this...