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    2020 CX-5, way to disable "Engine Harmonics Enhancer" (Fake Engine Noise)?

    Hey guys, I was curious to know, for those with Model Year 2020 (as only this year started to receive this feature, and for the turbo models only) GT-R and Signature's, is there an option to disable the "Engine Harmonics Enhancer" (also known as fake engine noise)? As featured and mentioned in...
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    Looking at Mazda5 2nd Gens, what's to know?

    Hi everyone, I've been looking at 2nd Generation Mazda 5's (2012-2015). I've been a long time owner of Mazda's and I have a pretty good idea of the Mazda5... however, I wanted to ask the owners, what I can expect as far as reliability and maintenance goes(Specifically pertaining only for the...
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    2nd Gen CX-9 High mileage club, how's it holding up?

    I've been keeping my eyes on the 2nd Gen CX-9 for quite some time. To me, reliability is something that I put into consideration as I usually like to keep a vehicle for a long time. Any how, for those who have had their 2nd Gen CX-9's, how's it holding up? Anyone with 80,000+ miles on the...