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    OEM cams

    I know that here is some threads about original cams, but I still didn't find what I was looking for... (stooges) I have europian 323F (P5 for you), and I know our engines isn't same all the way. But this cam quoestion is little bit unknown to me. I changed timingbelt and wondered cams at same...
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    FS-ZE header & manifold to FS-DE

    As the title says, is it possible to put FS-ZE header to FS-DE engine? FS-DE header is 4-1 and has cat right after it, FS-ZE header is 4-2, but I don't know where there should cat be? I gues it would be possible to put FS-ZE header and make custom downpipe to it, but would it have any hp gains...