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    1.6l-2.0l swap questios

    well there is only one way to find out and thats get off my lazy ass and attempt this s***, I'm wondering should i do a build thread or a how-to
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    WTB: mazda protege 5 front end

    i just want to buy a stock pro 5 front bumper for my lx i dont care if it has side makers or not or if it has a few scratches hear and there nothing huge tho, nor do i care the color
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    Part out of a 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege.

    are you still selling the spoiler if so how much shipped to 99701 fairbanks alaska
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    1.6l-2.0l swap questios

    i just need to find that one person who knows exactly what is going to need to be taken from my parts car into the other
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    1.6l-2.0l swap questios

    tweety, when you did your civic engine swap was it a 1.6l to a 2.0l and i so you didnt have to change the dash harness?
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    1.6l-2.0l swap questios

    well ive done a lot of reading and a few things ive seen said i need to swap out the dash harness, and the climate control stuff. so im not to sure whats gatta give but due to the fact that its a 1.6l and its a 2001, and im transplanting a 2002 2.0l engine in it that may have something to do...
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    1.6l-2.0l swap questios

    well they are automatics and so im going to have to take the 2.0l trans with the motor, so am i going to need the engine harness, and the dash harness from the 2.0l and transplant them in the 1.6l body?
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    engine removal?

    is there a write up or a how-to any where on how to remove a 1.6l engine or a 2.0l engine? i just need a little bit of guidance since ive never done it b4
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    1.6l-2.0l swap questios

    tweety2300 have you ever done this swap b4? and when i pull my old motor can i just hack away at all the old hoses and electrical harnesses?
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    Calling all Alaskans

    wow i cant belive i missed out on meeting another alaskan mazda fanatic
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    1.6l-2.0l swap questios

    So guys im looking for some advice, pointers, ect. any way straight to my point, im about to take my 2001 mazda protege 1.6l and swap my wrecked 2002 2.0l into it and then cut my roof with the sun roof out and weld that roof onto the 1.6l body so i practically have the same care again! :) many...
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    WTB 00-03 Mazda protege front clip/ front end assembly

    Hey pretty much in short I got into a front end collision and my frame got bent a little bit so I need a front clip pretty much I need a front clip, every thing from I front of the strut towers all the way to the radiator support but I don't need the engine or fenders or headlights just the bare...
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    T.m.t.g.m.s build thread

    Complements of the ashy Alaskan proto moder :D
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    Lots of parts, everything must go. I need the money.

    I pm'd you about the front bumper but just in case how much for the bumper including shipping to 99701
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    Some random parts

    What about the front bumper to 99701
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    steeing wheel swap!!!

    ok so my 2002 has officially been K.O. wrecked it so im pretty pissed, but i bought a 2001 for 700 and im fixing the head gasket as we speak so i can have a fresh start, any way b4 i get long winded i was seeing if any one has swapped steering wheels with the 2002 because i want to do. i pretty...
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    Rare MSP and Protege Parts.

    how much including shipping to 99701
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    Rare MSP and Protege Parts.

    do you still have the springs and shocks
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    wtb na header 2.0 someone anyone!

    Have a stock 2.0l header
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    Drivers Side Mirror

    I have a driver side mirror it's just missing the cover but it works and it's the oem mirror pm me if interested still