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    00-03 protege/5 rear window switch

    looking for a rear window switch with pigtail if anyone is selling or parting out. thanks shipped to 79936
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    01-03 rear crossmember/subframe

    01-03 Protege/02-03 Protege5 rear crossmember/subframe I have a great shape non rusted rear cross member or sub frame how ever you call it. Asking $90 shipped Fits: 01-03 sedan LX DX SE 02-03 P5 confirmed by Mazda 01 MP3: Will work but racing beat sway bar will not bolt on properly 03-03.5...
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    Is there a way to bypass clutch switch

    I have trouble sometimes starting the car. Turns out my switch is going bad, checked with a meter and i would go no resistence at times. Is there anyway to bypass the switch for the mean time till i get the funds to get a new switch.
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    Misc parts for sale

    Have several parts to sale, need gone soon. Protege LX DX radio bezel $25 Shipped Door lock switches $10 Shipped ech. Inner door handles set of 4 $20 Shipped Center cup holders $18 Shipped ech. P5/MP3/MSP Hood latch $15 Shipped Protege LX DX ES Hood latch $15 Shipped Markers Clear...
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    Trans cooler for 5 speed

    Has anyone done a trans cooler on a 5 speed or is it possible to do so. My mp3 when the weather is hot trans feels to be over working. Just replaced fluid about 1/2 a year ago or so. You opinions please
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    Gi:wtb mp3 racing beat muffler

    I'm gauging interest in buying a mp3 racing beat muffler. Does anyone have one they want to let got. Looking for a good to great shape. Please lmk, thank you
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    Rear sway bar bracket replacment

    Other then the stock oe brackets, what other option can i go. Stock bracket are kinda pricey at the dealer what did you all use or recommend.
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    Looking for some stock suspension parts for the mp3

    I'm looking for some parts for the mp3. Both rear sway bar brackets, and all 4 rear lateral links in great shape shipped to 79936
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    Wtb: Racing beat spring/tein springs

    In search of some racing beat spring/tein springs in good shape with not so many miles. Income tax is around the corner, lol.
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    Cargo net anchor

    Anybody have pics of the trunk area where the cargo net is anchored. I removed mine, but forgot how they go back together.
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    Tein basic strut suspension

    Who here has ever sent there tein basic strut suspension out to tein for service. Trying to get an idea how much it would be, both front struts are gone
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    new rear o2 sensor with non-fouler not working p0420

    car had obx headers without non-fouler, so added the mod cleared the cel. 3-4 years later the cel came on with a p0421 bad rear o2 sensor, ordered new sensor and replaced it and now getting a p0420 bad cat. tried resetting ecu ran the car for miles and cel p0420 still pops up, what can I do or...
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    Wtb: 01-03 protege 2.0l shift linkage and bar

    Looking for a rust free shift linkage and SUPPORT bar w/base, no need for shifter it self. Shipped to 79936. Let me know what you got. Thanks
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    wtb: protege truck retainer bolts

    looking for these retainer bolts on a 01-03 protege sedan, these in the trunk to told the cargo net. let me now shipped to 79936
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    What o.e.m. Wheels are you running on your protege!!!!

    What o.e.m. Wheels are you running, this means any oem rims from other makes and models.
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    Mazda2 ac knobs

    Off of what year mazda 2 can you use the ac knobs. I heard somewhere certain years required a lil' modification to fit just right and other years that don't need mod. Can anyone confirm?
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    Wtb: P5 16" rim silver

    Looking to buy a p5 rim in silver 16", shipped to 79936. If you have please send me a message, thank you
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    proper way to install rear sub frame

    Wanted to know if there's a proper way to reinstall the rear subframe on a MP3. Issue I'm having is when going through bumps and pot holes my roght rear tire hits the rear quarter panel were the bumper meets. Before doing anything to the rear suspension there was no noise or scraps, now after...
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    Wtb: Front passenger side window switch

    Wtb passenger side front window switch only, no bezel needed. Shipped to 79936, thank you
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    Cut racing beat springs, who's done it

    Just did a new struts on the mp3 #784 and the front have the biggest gap i have ever seen. Has anybody cut the racing beat springs, im thinking about cutting at least one coil. Anybody have any pics.