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    WTB 2001 Blue Mazda MP3 (Looking for Production Number 5)

    I’m looking to buy a 2001 Blue Mazda MP3. I bought a brand new Blue MP3 back in 2001 when I was 22 years old, I’m now 42. The MP3 I purchased was production number #5. I don’t currently have the VIN number. The car was purchased from the Mazda dealership in Brandon Florida. And I traded it in on...
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    pictures of hood scoop

    here they are again.
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    MP3 with blue rims

    Has anyone looked at lately? Take a look at the MP3s they have for sale and you will see what i am talking about. I just cant believe that someone would paint their Racing Harts blue. I dont think they look that great. Someone can put up the link if they want, i dont have time...
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    any MP3 owner in South Carolina

    I was just wondering if there were any MP3 owners in South Carolina. Because I am moving from central FL and was looking for fellow MP3 owners to hang out with.
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    just messin with ya

    I just wanted to see how hyped up i could get everyone by telling you i have the FS-ZE engine in my car and the factory hood scoop. Anyhow just wanted to say that i was just messin with ya. So what does everyone think about the 2002 Ford Mustang GT scoop i put on my MP3? Everyone around here...
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    question about z919

    Does the Kenwood Z919 have a TV tuner built in? Also, does it have a TV controller built in as well? The Kenwood Z919 manual that i have really doesnt give that much information on this subject. I would really appreciate the all the help in can get. thanks mp3#5
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    factory hood scoop

    Did anyone else get a factory hood scoop on their mp3? I have noticed that in all of the pictures that i have seen of mp3's that no one else has a factory hood scoop. I was just wondering if anyone else has one. I guess that i was the lucky one to get the FSZE 170hp engine and a factory hood...
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    fsze mazda mp3

    I think my mazda mp3 might have a fsze 2.0L engine in it. I checked the engine code and it is stamped in big letters FSZE. I heard a rumor, i am not saying that it is true, but cars 1-5 of 1500 have FSZE engines. If this is true i am so lucky to have mp3#5 born on 2/14/01 Valentines Day. I...
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    wrecked mp3 on ebay

    have you guys seen the wrecked blue mp3 on ebay that they have for sale. WHAT A LOSS. thanks mp3#5
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    mp3 chat

    why dont we have a MP3 chatroom on this site? just curious thats all. thanks and PLEASE RESPOND thanks mp3#5
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    production number emblems

    would anyone be interested in production number emblems? does anyone know where we can get customs emblems (not decals or stickers) made that has our production numbers on them. for example my MP3 is #5, so the emblem would say (5 of 1500). also where would be a good place to put them on our...