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    What's the tire consensus?

    Will be needing tires on our 19 Signature soon - what's the current word on replacement brands/models? Will be checking out Tire Rack reviews but figured I'd ask here. Have oem Toyos and won't go with them again. Kinda partial to General Altimax from past cars. Thanks
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    SOLD! Gone/sold

    Free to a good home if you pay exact shipping cost from SEC PA to you. I will package/ship as economically as possible to save money. Purolator One A26280. Retail ~$20 + tax on Amazon. Pm me if interested.
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    Ventilated Seats with a Non-turbo? Carbon?

    99% sure the answer is no but...Is there any way to get ventilated seats and a non-turbo na 2.5? How about a Carbon, either motor option?
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    CX-5 MPG with Turbo vs NA?

    Wife drives a 19 Signature that I absolutely love, so does she. When I went to replace my car (06 Outback beater) I didn't want another CX5 so I got a new Outback XT w the little turbo. I'm not sure I'm keeping it though. Real world the turbo is thrashy and unrefined, a lot of the gee-whiz...
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    Dogs in Miatas?

    Got the itch for another sunny day fun 3rd car. Major hurdle is we have a 60# Labrador Retriever so it'd often be me, wife and dog in the cockpit. Our previous was an 07 Mustang GT Vert and I guess I'll end up back there but I'd love a Miata RF! Standing there, door open, looking at the...
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    CX-9 vs Outback?

    Wife has a 19 CX5 Signature and I love it. It's a blast. Looking to replace my Ford Edge (yuck) and drove a 20 CX9 and a 20 Outback. I really liked both cars. Salespeople are confused why I'm comparing these two (different segment) cars but for me it's about interior space. It felt like the...
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    Moving up from CX5?

    Random thoughts and experience, no real questions. Bought a 19 CX5 Signature Jan 2019 and absolutely love the car but I knew it was smaller than I wanted and we would ultimately need. At the time wifey insisted she didn't want a "massive" car so ok, it's her car so... Fast forward a year and...
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    Edit/Reorder Source List? (19 Signature)

    Anyone know if it's possible to edit, reorder, etc selections in the source list? I want to get rid of AhHa, Stitcher, etc from the list or at least move them to bottom. Thanks
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    Signature mpg

    We are totally loving our Signature! Beautiful and fun car. I'm wondering what others are seeing for mpg? We haven't seen >23 mpg yet. Understanding we have only 1200 miles on the clock, we do a lot of short trips, stop and go, and it's been pretty cold here and with winter gas just seems...
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    Interactive web owners manual

    Interactive web owners manual Probably already been posted but Mazda has a pretty slick web owners manual. Imho much easier to use than the book.
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    HVAC with Remote Start

    Im thinking about basic aftermarket remote start for our Signature with the (auto) climate control system. If I leave the hvac temp up high/low with heat/AC and fan blasting when I shut the car off, will it all come back on as-was when the car is restarted with remote? Same question for rear...
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    Show Gear in Active Display?

    Really liking the Active Display. At first I thought Id turn it off as soon as I got home but its grown on me big time. Wife wondered if theres a way to get it to display gear youre in while in Sport mode? Would be nice to not have to look at speedo cluster info. There seems to be no...
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    Last night my wife told me...

    I LOVE MY CAR! Some perspective, she never gave one damn what car she drove. As long as it had heated seats she was fine with it. If it only had 3 wheels she wouldnt have noticed. Her last two cars were a Nissan Altima (120k on the clock when totaled) and a Honda Accord (traded for the CX-5).
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    Caution - Piano Black Trim Pieces

    Just a word of caution... that super shiny piano black finish (outside b pillar, around shift lever) scratches like a bugger. Even just when washing/wiping you*ll easily cause tiny micro swirls so be super careful. My daughter has a 17 5 GT that*s really bad from using ppv car washes and the...
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    19 w AA & AC. Move usb from armrest box to console tray?

    Stoopid idea putting USB port for phone connection in the armrest box. Thinking about doing something to move it to the console tray under the stack, even if its just snaking cable under the console (at least until out of warranty). Have it pop out of the console trim - maybe finish it off with...
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    Typing or shows as * on iPad

    Typing or shows as * on iPad Anyone know why my and are displaying as * when I post to the forum? For example...Im shows as I*m (Didnt do it here. Hmmmm)
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    Does the 2019 CX-5 Signature have remote start? I’m confused

    Before heading out to look at a 2019 Signature (and ultimately agreeing to buy) I verified it had features I wanted by looking at the different trims on the Mazda website. For 2019 Signature I saw Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry and Start System under Touring trim features so I took that to mean...
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    9 Monitor/System same as 5?

    Is the monitor and infotainment system in the 9 the same (kinda) lame one thats in the 5? Same lower quality picture quality?
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    5 vs 9? And 15% off MSRP on an 2018?

    I'm shopping for a new CX5 Signature. I'm a bull and am working a few deals very hard but not sure I'm gonna get to my number. I'm not gonna (over)pay for a car that's hot now but won't be in 3 months. Because the numbers look like I can buy a 9 GT 18 leftover for close to the price of a 5...
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    Owner Loyalty Rebate?

    My daughter owns an 17 GT. I helped* her buy it last year. I*m currently negotiating on a 19 Sig. Salesdude asked me if my daughter lived at home (nope), didn*t think much about it at the time but I get now he was wanting to see if I qualify for the 750. What hurdles would I encounter if I...