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  1. GTA-CX9

    Covid procedures for maintenance and vehicle well being

    Odd title I know, but a bit ticked so didn't bother to overthink it. First, more of a reminder...if anyone made the mistake of thinking the time schedule for oil changes was a year in Canada, it's 6 months. Very annoyed as I looked into this in detail a while back, but I obviously misread the...
  2. GTA-CX9

    Rear HVAC user tips? 2019 CX-9 Signature

    I tried to read manual, but am still unsure. Pressing REAR button on dash seems to activate AC in rear. So it's useless in winter I believe? But in summer, does that mean the rear AC is activated but front might not be/doesn't need to be? And pressing AUTO button seems to sync the whole cabin...
  3. GTA-CX9

    Fuel remaining indicator

    I know I can look at the gauge, old school style...and I'm sure there is a warning light. But is there a km remaining indicator? I like knowing before long drive about how many km i can go with the fuel i have in tank. I dug around in the settings, and did a search here but can't find. Maybe...