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    Mazda Moves Away From China Parts Suppliers

    There are certain things that should (must) be manufactured here. Chips (not potato), especially the ones that go into military hardware, pharmaceuticals, essential infrastructure like electrical transformers, etc. There's more but you get the gist. The rest of the crap can be made elsewhere.
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    Could a 2013 CX-5 AWD get 10 mpg?

    Another thing - is it the 2.0L or 2.5L? 24mpg is kinda average for normal suburban driving. Was your trip on interstate, highway or regular roads with lots of traffic lights?
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    Rooftop Tent for CX-5?

    Maybe wild animals.
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    CX-5 Battery Testing

    This was exactly how my battery was reading. It would start 99% of the time. Had 2 non-starts in a 4 month period. Initial quick tests said the battery was fine. Only after deep test did bad cell show up.
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    CX-5 Battery Testing

    Not sure about these quick tests. I had my car in to the dealer for a battery problem (battery was replaced in Aug, started acting up in Nov). They ran some test on the battery that took about 45 minutes and came up with a bad cell. Voltage on the battery always showed normal. Replaced the...
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    Thump/Jerking when shifting into reverse

    Mazda needs to run roughshod over their suppliers. There seems to be too many transmission problems for too many years.
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    CX-5 Tune Up - Time or Miles?

    You know in any other car I would agree with you on the cabin filter. I replaced mine a couple weeks ago and it is the one thing I hate doing on the CX-5. I literally spent at least 20 minutes trying to release the glove compartment. It just doesn't seem to want to come out the way it's...
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    Anyone have paint work done on a Machine Grey CX-5?

    No, but I'm getting ready to have the rear passenger door on my Machine Grey 2019 GTR painted. My wife tried to squeze into a parking spot in an underground parking lot and didn't make it. Had a PDR guy remove the dent but she scrapped the paint down to the primer. Was the shop you used...
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    CX-5 Tune Up - Time or Miles?

    Just oil/filter. Tire rotation. Maybe engine filter if you haven't replaced it earlier. Oh, cabin air filter too. Don't let them try to sell you things you don't need like fuel injector cleaning, etc. ps: you sound like me, bought my 2016 in Apr of 2015 and just turned 37,000 on the odo...
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    2017 CX5 Window Issue

    Take it back to the body shop and let them fix it.
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    Thump/Jerking when shifting into reverse

    Luck of the draw. They probably don't know what's wrong, just that something is wrong. Better now than 6 years down the road when the powertrain warranty has expired. Hopefully you get a nice loaner because who knows how long a tranny will take to arrive.
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    Got into a accident yesterday

    Good luck in this environment. Glad you got a decent payout. You will not find a 2018 turbo since they didn't come out until 2019. 19's are a good year but I assume they're still pretty pricey.
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    CX5 2018 (Aus) - Enable more safety features

    If they did this people would not buy the higher trim models.
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    Thump/Jerking when shifting into reverse

    You're best bet is to take it to the dealer. Let them check it out.
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    Got into a accident yesterday

    Yep, see that. Thought the original op said car had front-end damage but that was another poster talking about their accident.
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    2017~2022 Toyota Mechanic reviews CX-5

    I agree. We have a 16 Touring and a 19 GTR and I kinda enjoy driving the 16 more than the turbo. It just feels more nimble although the turbo has way more power.
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    Got into a accident yesterday

    I'm going to assume that last pic is pre-accident because I don't see any front end damage.
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    Got into a accident yesterday

    Why would they write a 2020 off for airbag deployment? Drivers air bag is a couple thousand at most.
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    2022 CX-5 Slightly Less Fun?

    They're not supposed to charge you if you're experiencing the problem and there's TSB for it. I'd contact Mazda NA corporate and complain.
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    Correct navigation SD card for 2022 CX5 2.5S Premium?

    Mazda will do nothing except maybe give you a warning that it's a bootleg card and not allow you to update.