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  1. Antoine

    Forum suggestions

    Thanks for your continued patience and cooperation…If possible, can you email me that pic so I can test it out…Thanks again!
  2. Antoine

    Forum suggestions

    Good news, @sm1ke (I hope!)…The limits have been lifted! The new attachment size limit is now 51,200 KB (51.2 MB). Plus the image dimension limit has been raised to 15K x 15K. I hope that solves this issue! 😁
  3. Antoine

    Mazda MX-30 sales drop to eight units in July 2022

    Ouch, sad as I think the MX-30 is a very intriguing vehicle and I really like it...Let's keep in mind that the MX-30 sells in other markets (hopefully better), that said...The North American market is really key for Mazda as this is not a good start for this relatively recent addition to the...
  4. Antoine

    Nd4SpdSe's 2011 Mazda2 GS Yozora

    Looks like you're having a lot of fun with your Mazda2! (y) It would be great to know more about it...Is this going to be a build/project thread? 😁
  5. Antoine

    Got into a accident yesterday

    First of all, glad you're ok! Wow, a Ford F250 hitting the back of a CX-5, it does look like the damage should be a lot worse than it is...Sad to see it go, please do keep us updated on the replacement! 😁
  6. Antoine

    ND MX-5 Jeff's 2016 ST GT Build

    I've never seen that done to vent rings, nice touch and great pics! (y)
  7. Antoine

    Forum suggestions

    Thanks for the update...Will look into this again...Let me test posting a pic directly from my phone here to see what happens... Ok interesting…It said the full size is 5.7 MB (using recent iPhone) and I noticed that the mobile browser I used initially seemed to prevent the upload from...
  8. Antoine

    Help! Noise after transmission fluid change 2011 Mazdaspeed3

    Side note...Responding in such a way is unacceptable in this Community. While your knowledge and experience is appreciated, your negativity is not, please refrain from posting this way from now on (consider this a final warning). Thank you.
  9. Antoine

    Mazdas247 Mazda Museum Tour 2022

    I finally had a chance to visit Mazda in Hiroshima, Japan again after many years and it was great to be back! While some aspects of the tour have changed, a lot remains as I remember it back in 2009. A major bonus was being able to spend more time in the factory observing real time manufacturing...
  10. Antoine

    Cookies Banner

    Thought we were in the clear...Sorry we're not yet! Seems like this issue comes and goes or has it been constant for some..? @Silly Wabbit If possible, can you provide more details such as device, browser etc to help better understand this issue.
  11. Antoine

    I miss my Mazda3

    So clean and great color...Nice pic as well! (y)
  12. Antoine

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Side note…This thread is labeled “What have you done to your CX-5 today?”…If someone wishes to blur their license plate, that’s their choice and it has nothing to do with this thread…Please keep it friendly and on topic, thank you. Thread cleaned.
  13. Antoine

    Poll What's the main reason you became a Mazdas247 Member?

    I remember those days lol...It's great you're still with us and Mazda, can you believe we've been around for 20 years now and the future has never looked brighter! I hope you enjoy the CX-30, in my view one of the most attractive CUVs on the market.
  14. Antoine

    Cookies Banner

    Thanks for the updates, please keep 'em coming...Also, please note that it's normal for the notice to appear once and then go away once clicked/accepted...The issue here is when it keeps appearing on each page during a session even though you've already clicked "Continue" once.
  15. Antoine

    Hello all

    Welcome @Jerry48 :), are you a new CX-50 Owner or in the market? It would be great to know, thanks!
  16. Antoine

    Poll What's the main reason you became a Mazdas247 Member?

    Thanks for the feedback and PM reports @kopcicle, I deal with it (permanently ban account, remove messages, block email address) as soon as I see the report...Fortunately it doesn't seem to happen very often here and we have clear warnings regarding such messages (via a banner in all...
  17. Antoine

    Off Topic So slow I'm ashamed...

    Thanks for the info, gentlemen...Sounds very appealing...4K, quick response time, OLED, no backlighting, great color and 120Hz! :love: That said, would there be an issue if you read a lot of text often (like when visiting Mazdas247 for example)...How would the C1 handle websites and text? Would...
  18. Antoine

    2016~2022 Dealer Service Recommendation: Fuel Injector Service?

    Side note here...T&TR has been permanently banned for blatantly ignoring a previous warning, site rules, sm1ke's many attempts to encourage cooperation in addition to being confrontational, condescending and upsetting Members. Thread cleanup pending, please keep it on topic, thanks!
  19. Antoine

    Off Topic So slow I'm ashamed...

    This caught my attention...Please let us know if possible what it's like using a 48" LG C1 as a monitor (pics would be great as well)! Would this be mainly for gaming (does it offer a high refresh rate?) or productivity or both..? Clearly it would excel for media consumption but I wonder how it...
  20. Antoine

    Cookies Banner

    Thanks for the continued reporting, everyone...It helps a lot...Okay so it seems to have been resolved for everyone (based on this thread) for a brief time and now unfortunately it's back. I will continue to do my best to resolve this...Please continue to report any related changes here, thanks...