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    MSP Racing Hart wheel question

    What does a set of racing harts, reconditioned, usually go for? I ask because my car will probably sell without them (currently has team dynamics pr1 on it). Not sure if it's worth reconditioning or if they're super rare these days..?
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    P0455 again....Can't fill gas tank

    I have pulled every hose back around the filler tubes. When inspecting the CdCv I was able to get air to go in both directions? Should this be closed one way when the car is off? Haven't tested it, but I imagine that it would cause a large leak detection if it's always open and should be closed...
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    WTB Mazdaspeed Protege LSD

    Mine went south. Plan on selling after installing a new one
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    Odd location of oil leak, people VERY familiar with 2.0L enter...

    I found an annoying oil leak around the oil filter area. It's just above or towards the center of the car from the oil filter. I think I felt an oil line down there, but can see anything due to the intake runners blocking everything. I know for sure it isn't a loose oil filter(cleaned...
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    MSP cdcv needed

    Anyone have a canister drain cut valve used in working condition? Mazda ZM0118741A Im sick as hell of not being able to fill my gas tank. I'm replacing the purge solenoid valve under the hood due to code and the cdcv valve at the back of the car due to a small evap leak or blockage detected...
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    03' front bumper OE part number?

    I have a spicy 03' that an elderly lady decided to turn into me head-on while I was minding my own business at a stop sign. Its a shot in the dark, but my body shop assures me that if they have the OE bumper part number that they WILL get it
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    MSP p0090 and p0660

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Control(PRC) Solenoid Valve, Exhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR) Switch for Mazda RX-8/626/MPV/Protege by LIAMTU Is the part no for both of these the same? Ive read on here that the Vic and vtc are interchangeable, is the PRC...
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    Pipes hard to get off turbo

    Im getting ready to replace my exhaust mani gasket and cannot the pipe from the turbo to the IC off! Feels like its gonna crack if I pull any harder than I already have. I wanna have as much room as possible without having to taking the turbo off the mani(ive read here it can be done by many...
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    Cdcv gas fill up problem

    Took my vent system apart to try and find my gas fill up problem. The check valve was clear, the canister had gas, and the cdcv module had gas. I got air flow in both directions through all 3 pieces. The spring moves freely in the cdcv module. I put about 4 gallons in the tank to see if I still...
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    P0660 and p0703 at the same time?

    These two are unrelated, but popped up at the same time while sitting at a stop light. No irregular idle or electrical issues. Vacuum is at 20 and boosts to 6.5-7. I checked the connector to the solenoid and seemed good, the solenoid wasn't melted or anything and the hoses were actually in...
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    Wtb: perfectly working as new MSP wga and/or bpv

    Looking for a working as new WGA (ATP 6lb) and or OEM BPV. I can't find the ATP one for around $60 like everyone says it costs. The site says $89?
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    Key fob died,.... i think

    Had a key fob die all of the sudden, so I changed the battery. It didn't work, so I went through the programming sequence and got nothing. It would not finish the sequence, as in it would not do the final step(any button on the fob twice to link to car). I checked all the fuses, besides that...
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    wtb spicy hood

    Anyone have a spicy hood they wanna sell? Located in Kansas, would like something somewhat close
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    wtb side plastic to center console by passenger left foot

    I posted this here since im not sure if the p5 piece is the same as my 03 spicy MSP. would like the same color.....
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    mazdaspeed 03 lower splitter

    Does anyone have a source for the lower front splitter on a mazdaspeed protege, 2003?
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    double check mp3 wheels on mps

    Im confirming info here, but mp3 wheels are the same dimension as mps wheels, 17x7 50mm? Any problems with fitting mp3 wheels on a mazdaspeed protege?
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    03.5 spoiler questions

    Does the 03.5 spoiler use the same mounting holes as an 03 msp or regular protege? Also, don't want to post this in the for sale section, but what is expected to pay for one of the 03.5 spoilers? Seen some for sale in the for sale section, but they don't seem to move too fast?
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    AWR Gstock Mazdaspeed Protege

    Im starting this thread to sort of document my slow development of my Gstock MSP. Purchased this car off a member on here. I was specifically looking for a bone stock car in spicy. BTW, its getting tough finding a stock MSP these days! started off by repainting the front bumper, adding back the...
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    stock msp shifter, boot, knob

    Wanting the stock 2003 or 2003.5 shifter knob, shifter, 2003 msp boot(orange stitch)
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    wtb mazdaspeed protege blown stock tokico blue struts

    Looking for some used up stock mazdapseed protege struts. They can be blown or leaking just not rusty or endlink tabs broken. Anyone have any in there garage taking up space?