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    P0455 again....Can't fill gas tank

    I haven't replaced the cdcv yet. I'm gonna try the car on with fill up. Does the car have to be running or can the ignition just be on?
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    MSP Racing Hart wheel question

    What does a set of racing harts, reconditioned, usually go for? I ask because my car will probably sell without them (currently has team dynamics pr1 on it). Not sure if it's worth reconditioning or if they're super rare these days..?
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    P0455 again....Can't fill gas tank

    I have pulled every hose back around the filler tubes. When inspecting the CdCv I was able to get air to go in both directions? Should this be closed one way when the car is off? Haven't tested it, but I imagine that it would cause a large leak detection if it's always open and should be closed...
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    WTB Mazdaspeed Protege LSD

    Mine went south. Plan on selling after installing a new one
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    Odd location of oil leak, people VERY familiar with 2.0L enter...

    I found an annoying oil leak around the oil filter area. It's just above or towards the center of the car from the oil filter. I think I felt an oil line down there, but can see anything due to the intake runners blocking everything. I know for sure it isn't a loose oil filter(cleaned...
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    Mazdaspeed OEM Wastegate actuator = $$$$$$$$

    What's this main fuse cleaning potential issue talked about above(3yrs ago, lol)?
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    MSP cdcv needed

    Mine doesn't have one! Thats gotta be it!
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    MSP cdcv needed

    Anyone have a canister drain cut valve used in working condition? Mazda ZM0118741A Im sick as hell of not being able to fill my gas tank. I'm replacing the purge solenoid valve under the hood due to code and the cdcv valve at the back of the car due to a small evap leak or blockage detected...
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    03' front bumper OE part number?

    Anyone know if the MP3 bumper is the same as the MSP?
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    03' front bumper OE part number?

    Looks like they're gonna have a real fun time getting the bumper. Mazda shows the regular protege front bumper as the same part number, only with a "-BB" on the end. Turns out the lower grill is split too
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    03' front bumper OE part number?

    I have a spicy 03' that an elderly lady decided to turn into me head-on while I was minding my own business at a stop sign. Its a shot in the dark, but my body shop assures me that if they have the OE bumper part number that they WILL get it
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    EVAP and tank pressure issues - where to start

    Ok, im back now. I added a new canister at the back of the car(it was soaked in gas). Been able to fill up with an occasional stop in the filling. I recently have had it show up again. I can't fill my gas tank more than .2 gallons at a time. I also just got p0455, leakage or blockage code. I...
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    quick purge solenoid valve question

    Can a clogged purge charcoal canister cause a purge valve check engine light? I keep getting the issue of not being able to fill my gas tank, the Auto-gas pump shut off keeps stopping. The only light i get is for purge valve failure. I swapped it for a new one and still have the issue
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    Still stuttering

    Im getting that same stutter at the same RPM. Im stock with 115k on the clock. I just got a code for the VIC
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    MSP p0090 and p0660

    Another observation, my boost gauge won't show boost till one of those open up. It will start showing boost at around 4k, then it quickly shows the 6.5-7lbs(stock 4 me). My code was for the VIC and PRC. Doesn't the VTC open up at some RPM?
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    MSP p0090 and p0660

    Driving home, I see the boost gauge is off alittle and slow to act. I know im building boost, the guage is just not reading right. Does the flow go through the vtc then the Vic or vice versa? This would explain my guage acting funny since the code came up
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    MSP p0090 and p0660

    I still plan on taking them off and inspecting them. My boost gauge was acting funny as well and it is tapped between the vtc and Vic, perhaps a restriction?
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    MSP p0090 and p0660

    Pm sent. I did look on eBay, found it for $15 shipped
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    MSP p0090 and p0660

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Control(PRC) Solenoid Valve, Exhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR) Switch for Mazda RX-8/626/MPV/Protege by LIAMTU Is the part no for both of these the same? Ive read on here that the Vic and vtc are interchangeable, is the PRC...
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    Trouble Filling Gas Tank. Can only fill slowly...

    Anyone have the part number for that evap canister located in the back drivers side wheel well?