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    1999-2006 Mazda MPV Trust (Greddy) DMR Coilover Set w/ RSR panhard bar

    Alright. Buy it now while you can. You wont find this again in the states. I am going a different route with suspension. I am selling my fully Adjustable Trust (Greddy) DMR Coilover Set w/ RSR panhard for the 1999-2006 Mazda MPV. See pics for details. YES this price includes the fully adjustable...
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    Megan Racing Springs

    235/45/18. Fits good. I had to space the fender well area a couple mm in but no rubbing.
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    Megan Racing Springs

    Here is after the drop.
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    Megan Racing Springs

    I love them. I have Tein's on the MPV and I would say that on the 5 with Megans it rides MUCH better. Still soft although harder than stock. Makes the little van feel like a car. Easy install. New install with new shocks/struts.
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    Matsuda! New to Forum

    Rolling shot with the wifey driving.
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    Matsuda! New to Forum

    Some updated Pics of the 5 with a good cleaning and some additional goodies.
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    BC Racing BR Type Coilovers - Mazda5 (Review and Install)

    FYI.....when removing the OE strut from the Hub/Spindle let your tools do the work for you. Instead of using a hammer and spending time banging on the hub use a scissor jack to force the strut from the seating position on the collar. Like so:
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    Amp Power cable....2010 Mazda 5

    Look under the Brake booster on AT cars. You will find a white cap that can be turned counter clockwise and pulled out. This gets you access to a small rectangular hole that open up near the electronic throttle mechanism. I just ran my position lead through their this evening.
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    Matsuda! New to Forum

    New to the forum but not new to just about every other Mazda forum. Well, I ditched all my Hondas and we went with all Mazda. I just ended up purchasing a Mazda5 as a second daily while I will probably perform a full motor build on the 323 GTX. Miata is just about done and My wife drives the...