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    06 ms6 grill

    For sale is my 06 ms6 oem grill. I sold my car so I no longer need it. It's white water pearl. 40$
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    CP-E Down Pipe

    ATP Down Pipe [/B]up for sale is my ATP DP . it cost me 650$ new, it's about one year old, and has mabey 10-12k on it. 375$
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    Cobb ap

    i'm selling my COBB access port. i had it about one year. asking $465 shipped. PM me
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    06 white MS6

    Name: Todd Gross Location: Quakertown, PA 18951 Contact Info: Year: 2006 Make: Mazda Model: Mazdaspeed 6 Color: White Mileage: 40xxx Transmission: Manual Price: $15,500 Description: i'm looking to sell my 06 MS6. i've had it for about a year and a half. i'm going to sell...
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    code help

    i have a 06 MS6 so i put on a DP with a high flow cat in it. threw code 421 (cat eff.) so i went into my access tunner racer managment system and turned off code 421. light went out. now code u0121 (buss communication error) is on. how can i turn this code lite off?
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    TIP Question

    i just got a Cobb turbo inlet pipe in the mail today and the directions say 07-09 mazdaspeed 3. is this correct?
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    FS: Corksport Exhaust & Race Pipe

    i'm selling my corksport cat-back exhuast and my corksport race pipe. used the catback for about 5000 miles and race pipe for 3500 miles. i am willing to meet you half way driveing wise. catback- $SOLD for race pipe- 100$
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    key fob question

    this may be a dumb question but how do you replace the battery on the switchblade key fob.
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    DP + Cat question

    so i have a corksport racepipe, and i want to get a atp DP, if i get the dp with the cat will that replace the racepipe or is the cat IN the dp. in ortherwords is the difforance between the catted and catless dp an add on at the end of the dp.
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    anouther ipod question

    another ipod question i just got the AUDIO LINK iPod Integration Module for my 06 MS6. when i pluged it into the back of my headunit it charges the ipod but when i push the media buttion nothing happends. i cant get anything to happen no matter what button i push. the ipod only charges. what am...
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    WTB catted DP

    i'dd like to buy a catted downpipe for a speed6. thanks i will also trade my corksport CBE
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    how many cats are on the MS6??
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    wtb cobb tip

    looking to buy a cobb tip, i would prefer the blue but not a big deal
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    WTB catted DP

    i'dd prefer corksoprt but im not picky
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    WTB corksport "race pipe"

    looking for a corksport race pipe. thanks
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    race pipe question

    hey i got the corksport cat-back and i think the sound is awsome, i wanted to know how much louder/quiter the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 'Power Series' Race Pipe makes it. it says it is resanated so what is the sound difforance
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    WTB catback exhuast

    i'm lookin to buy a catback exhaust for a mazdaspeed6. name brand please also a ipod Integration Kit
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    non c/f grill

    i've been looking around for a wile now, all i can find is the auto exe carbonfiber badgeless grill. i want non carbonfiber, anyone know where i can get one?
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    hey, i'm new to the mazdaspeed6's i've been looking around and cant find the grill i want. i want just a plain mesh upper grill. no emblems no bar going across. anyone know what/ where i can get a plain mess gril?
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    shift knob

    does anyone have a stock shift knob they wana sell???