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    Diesel Towing

    I noticed the new CX5 diesel is rated to tow 3500 LBS. I would be interested to know if the brakes are bigger, transmission is different or maybe a beefier trans cooler, or if this is just because of the diesel. I'm sure it will tow better overall and not need to downshift as much pulling a...
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    2019 Mazda CX-5 vs. 2019 Toyota RAV4 (Car&Driver)

    "While the Toyota is competent, the Mazda is exemplary. It's not the most spacious people hauler in the segment, but for those whose needs track more toward the modest end of the spectrum, the CX-5 is, in the words of one staffer, "a class-above vehicle despite its middle-of-the-pack pricing."...
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    World Car Of The Year Announces 2018 Candidates

    Which One Do You Think Will Win? Eligible vehicles include: Buick Regal/Opel Insignia, Citron C3 Aircross, Dacia Duster, Ford Fiesta, Genesis G70, Honda Accord, Hyundai Kona, Jeep Compass, Land Rover Discovery, Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Peugeot 3008, Range Rover Velar, Renault...
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    Mazda CX-5 scores five-star Euro NCAP safety rating

    You need to watch the video and see the inflatable person walking out in front of the car at the end.
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    Bull Bar

    This might come in handy for those high speed night drives with wild hogs crossing the road all the time. Or for folks in snow country it might turn your CX5 into a nice plow. Not saying I like this or need it, but someone might, lol. They have other pics on their...
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    2017 Spare Tire Mod for U.S.

    I hate the idea of having the incorrect diameter tire for the spare, especially when most other countries get a spare that has the correct diameter. Australia, Mexico, and most of Europe get a 185/80R17, which is still a temporary use spare, but it has an outside diameter of 28.7", which is...
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    Underbody noise insulation materials

    Just thought I would post a pick from underneath when doing my first oil change. Looks like noise insulation has been added to the underbody down both sides. It's a formed, felt-like material running down either side of the exhaust. Pretty sure my 2014 did not have this but I can't remember now.
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    Anyone installed frameless rearview on '17

    Just wondering. Other than the looks, does it offer anything better than the stock rearview mirror? Looks like all controls are on the bottom.
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    Mazda Welcome Package

    Got this nice Welcome Pack in the mail from Mazda over the weekend. I'm sure it's going out to all CX5 owners, and seems like a nice touch.
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    2017 CX5 better "overall machine" than previous generation

    Holy s***. I've been out of country for a couple of weeks and thought that surely this '16 vs '17 would have gone away by now. I owned a gen 1 CX5 and put 100,000 miles on it. I do a lot of long miles, 2-3 days a week and put about 30-35K per year on a car. I tow a trailer often. I wanted the...
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    2017 Windshield Sunscreen

    Got the 2017 sunscreen today. Different shape than gen1 of course and also much nicer than the one I had for my 14. Mazda is even improving the sunscreen with nice light grey velour backing instead of the rough charcoal cardboard backing in the old one. Case included. Part info if anyone needs...
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    Live Traffic 2017

    So I'm driving on I20 this afternoon using the GPS, and suddenly a message pops up telling me there is now a faster route and would I like to look at it. I did, and it recommended taking an exit 3 miles before the one it should (and normally) suggests. Now this was about 40 miles out from the...
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    Just got my '17 GT Deep Blue

    Picked it up this afternoon. The interior is really nice (and quiet) compared to my '14. Really like the heads-up. It was only when the new one was cleaned up and brought out beside my old one that I could really appreciate how much difference there is. I loved my '14, but this is another...