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    Liftgate oddities

    2011 CX 9 GT. Recently replaced brake booster, so battery was disconnected for a few hours. Next time wife used the vehicle, liftgate wouldn’t close when switch was engaged. Noted on subsequent use that when I engaged the switch twice in succession, it closed normally. Also noted that after...
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    2011 CX-9 P0195 / P0197 codes

    2011 CX-9 throwing P0195 and P0197 codes. Apparently there is an EOT sensor that should be part of the troubleshooting for this. Anyone privy to the location of this sensor? Anyone familiar with common causes of these codes other than sensor failure? ie: cooling system, etc. TIA. Jim
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    2007 CX9 Heater Core

    Anyone replace one of these? Trying to find out if its a "whole dashboard removal" job. Forum search yields zero results for this model. Radiator less than 1 year old. Just flushed coolant system. Intermittently only heats at higher RPMs. Just did core replacement on F150 last summer. Not...
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    Smart Card Programming

    2007 CX9. Can anyone tell me if this is the correct procedure for programming this smart card (see attachments) Thanks. Jim