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    Maintenance of rubber seal around hood and doors?

    I have used dielectric grease with good effects on my 2000 Corvette.
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    What's the tire consensus?

    The consensus is there is no consensus, that is why there are a lot of brands and tire types...
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    Key fob low battery on dash but new batteries?

    Not sure about 18s but on 2020 the keyfob can go to low power mode and it will unlock the car with the button but not activate the on off switch unless you touch the switch. Check your manual, can not remember how to reset it
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    CX-5 Suspension Question 2020 AWD vs 2017 FWD

    My 2020 FWD seems smoother and quite compared to my 2016 FWD.
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    From a 2017 CX-5 to a 2020 with All Wheel Drive

    I think there is more clearance for right knee on 2020 vs my old 2016. I also think it is quieter, maybe a bit better gas mileage with CD and I love the stuff in premium - ventilated seats and key fob auto position seats, folding mirrors, walk away locking and radar cruise. I think the...
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    2017~2022 Driver Attention Alert System malfunction

    Take it to the dealer while the error is in place or you can get a scan tool and check it yourself.
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    2014 CX-5 owner looking to upgrade. New one worth it?

    I had a 2013, a 2016 and now a 2020, all GT+s. My current year long mileage is 31.5 mpg on the dash. The 2020 2.5 NA has cylinder deactivation which for me works great and is not noticeable and gets about the same mpg as my 2.0 did. It is much quieter and I love the radar cruise stop and go on...
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    Cranking Time

    Have you changed the original spark plugs?
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    Battery Drain?

    There is a recall on the power lift gate draining battery on 2020s, has yours been fixed?
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    2017~2022 Upgrade to Auto Climate control

    You are going to need a thermostats wired up for each side and the automated air mixing device for each side for starters...
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    Mixing OEM coolant with aftermarket

    I never used the word proprietary. What I said was if you use an additive not compatible with the seals it could shorten the life. The water pump manufacturer probably told Mazda what coolant formula to use for best seal life. I used the special GM Dextrose coolant in my 2000 Corvette and after...
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    Correct oil filter for 2019 CX-5?

    See: 2021 CX-5 GTR Oil Filter Question
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    2019 CX-5, Coolant problem (CEL = P0126)

    I just did, thanks!
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    Mixing OEM coolant with aftermarket

    Water pump seal material and other seal material is matched with coolant additives. If you get the wrong additive it can shorten the life of the seals and you will be repalcing the water pump and it might affect the head gasket...
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    Correct oil filter for 2019 CX-5?

    Is your 2019 CX-5 a turbo or not?
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    2019 CX-5, Coolant problem (CEL = P0126)

    Coolant is matched to the content of the seals on the water pump and other sealers so if you chose to use non OEM to save a few buck it may cost you with an early water pump leak/replacement.
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    Average MPG less than 20mpg, am I alone?

    Short trips in cold weather are killing your mpg. The 27 mpg on the 130 mile trip says the car is OK.
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    2017~2022 Stability Control System Braking Question

    Stability Control will brake the inside of the curve rear (and maybe the front) if you are turning and the front is sliding to help get the car going the direction you are steering.
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    Stock Suspension Dissapointment

    Try reducing the tire air pressure to 30 and see if it helps, if it does consider the 17s in a one step up size.
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    For Sale Two 19 inch CX5 Tire/Wheel/Pressure Sensors also spare

    Wheels/tires sold, spare still available...